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Trees on Council land

Trees on Council-controlled land

Significant trees

Significant trees make a major contribution to the local environment as well as the character and landscape of Redlands Coast.

Find out more about our significant trees and threatened species.


Council has a specialist and responsive team to manage trees on Council-owned or controlled land. Trees need to be maintained to ensure safety, clearances for pedestrians and vehicles, line of sight and for the health of the tree itself.

Tree pruning will only be undertaken when necessary. Over-pruning can damage a tree's structure and create further problems.

For more information, download our tree management fact sheet or street trees - A guide for residents.

Tree planting

Council plants many trees annually across the city to provide community benefits.

Frequently asked questions about tree planting

Tree planting can be performed as a part of capital projects, developments or as requested by residents. Council also conducts tree planting in parks and conservation areas and operates a Bush Care program operated by IndigiScapes.  

Residents may request a tree be planted on Council land in parks by contacting Council. Our expert tree team will assess the site for suitability. If a tree cannot be planted the resident will be informed of the reason.  While Council supports the planting of suitable trees in suitable locations, restrictions such as safety, private and public infrastructure need to be taken into account when planting a tree.  

Council carefully considers tree species selection when planting around the city. A tree will be selected based on the location and suitability of the amenity due to plantings already in the area. Trees are selected from a preferred species list to beautify the local area as well as minimise the risk of future impact on both private and public infrastructure. If a resident has a preferred species, Council will accommodate this if it is a suitable long term option.    

A resident can only conduct planting of trees on road verges or other Council-controlled land in accordance with an approved landscape permit. Please contact Council for advice if you wish to apply for a landscape permit. Unapproved trees may lead to safety concerns and ultimately require removal at Council's expense.  

Mulching is beneficial to trees for nutrients and moisture retention in the soil, however mulching around the base of a tree with fresh material like grass clippings, fresh woodchips or other fresh mulch is not recommended. Instead, you can mulch around the tree with well-composted mulch and spread it as wide as possible. Well-composted mulch should be no deeper than 75mm to 100mm and should not be flush against the tree trunk. Mulch flush with tree trunks may affect the bark of the tree, resulting in damage to the root collar. 

Tree problems

Pests and disease

Termite infestations in trees or land owned or controlled by Council will not normally be treated. In Queensland, there is no law governing the control of termites. Should you encounter termites on private property, the responsibility for control rests with the property owner. For termite control on public property, such as parks and reserves, please contact Council on (07) 3829 8999.

Tree pruning

Pruning of trees on Council land will be undertaken only when necessary. Over pruning can impact the health of a tree, lead to fungal infection or compromise a trees' structure.

Pruning of trees on Council-owned or controlled land is conducted by Council.  Only on assessment may a property owner be granted in writing a permit for pruning Council vegetation. Contact Council on (07) 3829 8999 to find out more. 

Damage to trees on Council land

Report damage to trees on Council land for assessment and management by Council. Do not remove, prune or interfere with trees on Council land.

Request a tree removal

Council preserves trees whenever possible. If a tree is a risk to safety or property and cannot be practically managed, it may be assessed for removal. Complete the online form or contact Council on (07) 3829 8999.

Contact Council to request a driveway crossover application if your tree removal request is for the purpose of constructing a driveway. 

Report a problem 

Complete the online form or contact Council on (07) 3829 8999 if you have a concern about trees or vegetation on Council land including parks, reserves and conservation areas. Do not remove, prune or interfere with trees on Council land.

Find out about the management of trees on Council-owned and controlled land, including answers to frequently asked questions.

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