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Local Heritage Grants

Local Heritage Grant

About the program 

Redland City Council's Local Heritage Grant program is to protect, conserve and enhance properties of local heritage significance, identified on the Local Heritage Register (Schedule 7 – Heritage Schedule of the Redland City Plan).

The program aims to achieve the objectives by providing support to landholders or occupiers of local heritage places through funding towards initiatives that serve to protect, restore or reinstate local heritage values.

Available funding 

Grants of up to $5,000 will be provided for projects and activities that encourage and assist with the maintenance and preservation of local heritage places identified on the Local Heritage Register.

There are two levels of funding available under the Local Heritage Grants program as follows:

Category Funding available   Applicant cash contribution
Funds towards works that serve to protect, restore or reinstate local heritage values. Up to $5,000 Nil
Funds towards professional heritage consultancy services. Up to $5,000

20% cash contribution up to $1,000.

Eligible properties

Eligible properties are privately owned local heritage places as identified on the Redland City Council Local Heritage Register.

Refer to Schedule 7 – Local Heritage Schedule of the City Plan and the accompanying Heritage overlay mapping on Redland City Council’s website for a current list of identified properties:

When can I apply?

Applications for 2023-2024 program open 3 July 2023 and close 31 May 2024. Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis, or until funds are exhausted.

One application is permitted each financial year however, where funds have previously been allocated for general repair or conservation works or towards professional heritage consultancy services, a second application would only be considered for high priority work, such as urgent roof replacement.

How can I apply?

Applications must be completed via Council's online portal SmartyGrants.

Application forms will be available for submission from the 3 July 2023. 

To access the application form, please click the below link:

Information Kit

Prior to submitting an application, it is important to read the Local Heritage Grant Program Information Kit. This provides essential information on funding available, eligibility and application requirements.

Please reference the 2023-2024 Local Heritage Grant Information Kit as a guide.  

 Associated information

Acquittal form

To finalise your project, you must complete an acquittal form for your project within 14 days of the completion date via your SmartyGrants account.

Applicants that do not acquit their project are ineligible to apply for funding under Council's various funding programs until such time as they have successfully acquitted all previous funding.

The acquittal form requires you to provide information on the completion of the project activity. This is a report on the project activity, including objectives, outputs and impact, and includes a financial statement. Ensure receipts are provided as evidence of the grant expenditure.

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