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Koala conservation

Redlands Coast is home to one of the most significant urban koala populations in Australia. While koala populations have diminished over the years, a viable breeding population can still be found in the area.

Current monitoring in our koala safe neighbourhoods clearly shows that koalas are living amongst us, with mums and joeys often reported in our regular koala updates on the IndigiScapes Facebook page.

Redland City Council is working closely with research partners and the community to conserve and support our local koalas. The goal for our ongoing conservation programs is to stabilise and eventually increase our koala population across the Redlands Coast. You can help by registering and reporting your sightings through Redlands Coast Koala Watch.  

Redlands Coast Koala Conservation Plan 2022-2027

Redland City Council has adopted the Redlands Coast Koala Conservation Plan 2022-2027 (Plan) and the Koala Conservation Action Plan 2022-2027 (Action Plan). The new five year plan started on 1 July 2022. It extends the work already undertaken by Council, our research partners, conservation groups and the community, to continue protecting our koalas into the future.

Check out the Plan and Action Plan below, or find out more by visiting How Council is helping our koalas.

Koala Conservation Plan 2022-2027 [PDF 1.3MB]

Koala Conservation Action Plan 2022-2027 [PDF 1.0MB]