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Information for applicants

information for applicants

Redland City Council’s impact depends on our fantastic employees, so it’s vital that we ensure a positive working environment for all. We’re very proud of who we are but we also need to keep improving our impact and culture. That includes investing in our people and developing the leaders and managers who serve them. It also means bringing in new skills, experience and perspectives to complement those of our excellent team.

Finding and keeping the right people for us is absolutely vital.

Are we the right choice for you?

Our highest performing people embrace the great things about working here while challenging us to keep innovating and evolving. As with any council, our challenges are complex, and change can take time. To be successful at Redland City Council, you need to be ready and able to invest in and be accountable for your own work, while taking ownership of Redland City Council’s work and culture. But you also need to understand that truly meaningful progress rarely happens overnight. Like all good things, it’s about finding the balance.

Sound like you? If so, working with us could be an incredible opportunity. Find out more about current opportunities and how you can be part of Redland City Council.