Our vision, mission and values | Redland City Council

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

‘Naturally wonderful lifestyle. Connected communities. Embracing opportunities.’

The Redland Coast is known for its relaxed coastal lifestyle, strong community values and outstanding cultural and natural attractions. Our corporate plan Our Future Redlands - A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond describes the following seven goals for 2041 that are supported by catalyst projects:

  • City leadership
  • Strong communities
  • Quandamooka Country
  • Natural environment
  • Liveable neighbourhoods
  • Thriving economy
  • Efficient and effective organisation

We are actively working towards our city vision through the implementation of our new corporate plan and key strategies for the city.

Our mission

‘Make a Difference. Make it Count.’

Our mission is to make a difference every day through the work that we do. We aim to continually improve and strengthen our ability to be an efficient and effective organisation that is more responsive to the needs of our community.

We want our community and those who visit us to see and feel this commitment through our core values below.

Our values 

When Council decided it was time to revisit our organisation's values, we knew our people had to be involved in discovering them. To uncover our values, we needed to ask ourselves who we are as a team, a workforce and a community.

We asked employees the ethics and behaviours they feel are most important at Redland City Council. From this, our five new values were created.

We are excited to share our values – created by our people, for our people.

One team Serve with pride Safety at heart Listen and be heard Own it with integrity

Collaboration drives our impact and evolution.

We work and learn together.

It's a privilege to support our community.

We work hard and innovate to deliver outcomes that matter.

Our team's safety and wellbeing are the responsibility of all of us.

So is making Council an inclusive place where everyone belongs.

We speak up with courage, we listen with respect.

We welcome new ideas and perspectives.

We must be accountable for what we do.

Our team thrives when everyone plays their part.

Katie woodrow

"Being 'one team' means working collaboratively together, using knowledge from different units and departments to combine our efficiencies. This way, we ensure an ideal outcome for our community and organisation."


Katie (Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer)


"To me, 'serving with pride' is about being proud to tell my family and friends what I do. It also means enjoying the results of my efforts, even when I'm not at work."


Rohan (Team Leader Environmental Health Verification and Support)


"We all play a part in health and safety. Safety starts with you to create a safe environment for all. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive culture that values all people and addresses biases. We are committed to ensuring our people feel a sense of belonging, and are treated fairly and respectfully."


Matthew (City Water)


"It's important to have the time and patience to listen and understand. Everyone needs support and someone to talk to. Everybody's voice matters and all input is valuable. We have the right to feel we are valued members of a team."


Danielle (Corporate Meetings and Registers Coordinator)


"Integrity is what you do when no one is watching, additionally it's the only thing that no one can take from you."


Janine (People Performance Business Partner)

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