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Planning, building and development

Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI)

Temporary Local Planning Instruments currently in effect

There is currently one (1) TLPI affecting the operation of the Redland City Plan, as follows:

  • TLPI No.1 of 2022 (Quandamooka Land Aspirations Area)

For further information, please read Temporary Local Planning Instruments page.

Previous Temporary Local Planning Instrument no longer in effect

On 17 March 2021, Redland City Council adopted Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/21 - Protection of Local Heritage Places (TLPI 01/21).  TLPI 01/21 protected heritage features of nominated places from the adverse impacts of future development.  

On 14 September 2022, Redland City Council resolved to adopt 03/19 - Major Amendment - Heritage.  The amendment commenced on 5 October 2022.  The purpose and general effect of the amendment was to include the nominated heritage places into Shedule 7 - Heritage Schedule of City Plan reflecting the effect of TLPI 01/21.

The amendment commenced, and TLPI 01/21 is repealed on 5 October 2022.  

Photo of house construction site

If you are considering a patio, shed or other building project or considering developing a site for a new use, such as a shopping centre, commercial offices, residential apartments or land subdivision, you may need building, plumbing and/or planning approval.

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