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Plants and trees in Redlands Coast

Plants and trees in the Redlands

Redlands Coast is made up of both mainland and island communities. It includes developed urban areas in the north of the City, rural and bushland habitat areas in the south as well as Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), Coochiemudlo Island and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (Macleay, Lamb, Karragarra and Russell Islands). As a result, Redlands Coast contains a diverse array of habitats, including dry and wet eucalypt forests, littoral (coastal) and riparian (creekside) rainforest, various wetland and heathland habitats, mangrove and saltmarsh.

These habitats all accommodate wide-ranging populations of plants including some very unique species. They also provide essential food, shelter and breeding areas for the local wildlife. We can all help to ensure the healthy function of our natural environment (including in urban areas) by planting native plants.

Our local IndigiScapes Nursery is a great place to start exploring the amazing array of local native plants available. Whether you wish to attract wildlife, blend with the surrounding bushland, grow a drought hardy garden or just want a unique and still colourful environment space, we are confident there is the right plant for you.

With good advice following the links below or visiting the friendly staff at IndigiScapes Nursery you'll find there are many native plants and even native trees that will suit your space. 

Venture into our bushland areas this weekend and explore the wonderfully natural Redlands Coast and find inspiration for your garden.