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Water, billing and charges

Water billing and charges

Water consumption is a utility (user pays) charge that is measured by water meters installed on every property where a water service has been requested. Water meters are read manually four times a year for billing purposes and the cost of water consumed on your property is included on your quarterly council rates notice.

To help reduce this cost, residents are encouraged to reduce water waste by:

  • Using water efficient appliances and fixtures.
  • Regularly checking the water meter reading to identify possible water loss through leaking devices or pipes.
  • Turning off the water meter when going away on holiday if the house is vacant.
  • Being water wise around the house – brush teeth with the tap off, don’t pre-rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher, reduce the number of wash loads by waiting until you have a full load of clothing, and fix leaking toilets and taps promptly.

Residents also pay a fixed quarterly water service charge for connection to the city’s water distribution network and a wastewater (sewerage) service charge for connection to the city’s wastewater network.

Some businesses will also pay a trade waste generator charge and trade waste volumetric charges for commercial and industrial discharge to the wastewater system.

Further information

Contact Redland City Council on (07) 3829 8999 for further information about your water bill.