Water outages

If you are experiencing a water outage, check to see if there is a card in your letterbox – we always try to advise in advance.

Unplanned water supply outages usually occur due to a unforseen leak or burst in a water main. The unplanned outages shown below are dependent on specific job requirement therefore specific end times cannot be provided. Once the water has been reconnected, the outage will no longer be show below as an unplanned water outage. The streets to be affected by unplanned outage are also notified by a Redland Water vehicle using loud hailer prior to the water supply being shutdown.

Planned Outages are organised in advance as routine maintenance and all residents and businesses are notified via a flyer 48 hours in advance.  

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

Please contact Redland City Council on 07 3829 8999 to report any problems during an outage.

What to do after an outage

After the water has been turned back on, flush your plumbing by running the outside tap closest to your water meter for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

If the water does not clear within a few minutes, telephone Redland City Council on 07 3829 8999. Avoid using the washing machine or dishwasher while the water remains discoloured.

Unplanned water outages

There are no current unplanned water outages notifications

Planned water outages

Ormiston - Stevens Pl, Darcelle Pl, Morris St, Blackthorne St, Armagh St, McCartney St, Joseph Pl, Hillard St, Rose St, Thorn St, Shamrock St, Thistle St, Oak St, Jollie Pl, Tolson Terrace, Ivory Lane, Wellington St
Planned Water Shutdown (8:00 to 16:00 Friday 13 December 2019)
Redland Bay - Boundary St, Alex Court, Marjorie Buckler Ave, Neville Close & Carolyn Place
Planned Water Shutdown (8:00 to 16:00 Thursday 12 December 2019)
Thornlands - Kingsdale Avenue
Planned Water Shutdown (8:00 to 16:00 Thursday 12 December 2019)