Works update

We are currently upgrading a number of roads, car parks, parks, footpaths, marine works, cycle ways, and intersections across the Redlands that have been identified as improvements under our current budget.

Contact us if you need more information or have feedback about problems in your area.

Listed below are current and upcoming works for each suburb grouped by 

  • City Operations - City Sport & Venues, Parks & Conservation, Roads Drainage & Marine.
  • City Infrastructure - Civic & Open Space
  • Project based works - Construction Projects


City Operations

Victoria Point - Peggy Place Park Fig Removal - Peggy Place and Colburn Avenue Victoria Point
Fig Tree Removal - Partial Road Closure. This work is planned to commence Thursday 13 August 2020 and to be completed by Friday 14 August 2020 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5.00pm (weather permitting).

City Infrastructure

There are no current works update notifications


Birkdale - PDG-60004 - Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre - Stormwater Improvements
Redland City Council's Internal Construction Crews and Contractors will be undertaking stormwater improvement works at Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre, 555-607 Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale. These works will involve the placement and compaction of approximately 150-200mm of road profiling and gravel over approximately 22,000m2, in preparation for placement of 80mm asphalt. Drainage works will be completed by Internal Construction Crews once asphalt works are completed.
Cleveland - PDG-10519 - Cleveland Library Building Car Park – Rectification Works
Redland City Council’s Internal Construction Crews will be undertaking rectification works at Cleveland Library Building Car Park off Shore Street West, Cleveland. These works will involve the removal of concrete pillars and exposed metal footings to just below ground level, general tidy of the site and all other associated works to provide a safe environment for community members. Future works will be scheduled to reinstate the surface.
Ormiston - PDG-43642-1 - Redlands Softball Park, Ormiston
Redland City Council Contractors will be conducting works at Redlands Softball Park, Ormiston including the removal of existing shelter, play equipment and associated infrastructure. Construction of new play equipment, shelter, seats, electrical, landscaping including associated works. Expected Start Date - 24/08/2020 Expected Finish Date - 23/09/2020 (weather permitting)
Point Lookout - PDG-64172 - Point Lookout Backlog Sewer – Area D
Redland City Council internal construction crews and external contractors will be installing sewage pipelines and associated works at Moongalba Rd, Midjimberry Rd & Samarinda Way, Point Lookout.
Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island - PDG-PDG-64172-2 - Point Lookout Backlog Sewer Area A1 and Water Line 2 and 3
Redland City Council contractors will be installing sewerage infrastructure to extend the existing sewerage network along Dickson Way to East Coast Road and also East Coast Road to Tramican Street and upgrading the water main lines parallel to existing AC water main. Installation of new water lines to provide supply to areas further south of the construction site. Expected start date (on site): 18 May 2020 Expected finish date: 29 September 2020 (weather permitting)
Redland Bay - PDG-30111-8 - 2020/21 Maintenance Dredging-Weinam Creek, Redland Bay
Redland City Council contractors will be undertaking maintenance dredging works within Weinam Creek Marina, Ferry Terminals and Channels Expected start date (on site): 22 June 2020 Expected finish date: 25 October 2020 weather permitting
Redland Bay - PDG-41583 - Charlie Buckler Sportsfield Carpark
Redland City Council’s Internal Construction Crews and Contractors will be undertaking construction of the Charlie Buckler Sportsfields, Redland Bay. These works involve the supply and installation of 14 new Rate 3 street lights, installation of stormwater pipes in various size (Ø375mm & Ø450mm), Kerb & channelling, asphalt resurfacing, footpaths, landscaping and associated works.
Victoria Point - PDG-41190 - Albert Street, Victorua Point - Culvert Upgrade
Redland City Council's Internal Construction Crews and Contractors will be upgrading the culverts in the Albert Street, Victoria Point. Thes works wil involve: Removal of exisitng culverts; Installations of new culverts structures; Installation of guardrail; Upgrades to the street lighting; Replacement of a small section of pathway and kerb and channeling; All assocated works. Detours will be in place for a period of approximately 5 weeks (weather permitting), for constuction of the new culvets.