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Redlands Coast Koala Watch

Join Redlands Coast Koala Watch today and help conserve our local koalas.



Do you walk or ride around your local area? Perhaps you enjoy taking your dog for a walk. Do you ever wish you could do more to help our local wildlife? If so, you’re exactly who we’re looking for and we have an easy way for you to help. Redlands Coast Koala Watch is your opportunity to help improve the health and wellbeing of our local koala population.


It’s a joint partnership between the community, koala researchers and Redland City Council that allows you to contribute to koala conservation. Our research team is amazing, but they can’t be everywhere. So they are relying on help from the community to keep track of local koalas.

How does it work?

You can collect information on local koalas by actively looking for them when going about your regular outdoor activities, like walking the dog, jogging or picnicking in the park. You then record the information on our survey. Don't panic - we'll give you resources to show you how. Scroll down to find fact sheets on  how to spot a koala,  identifying the age and gender of koalas, how to spot an sick or injured koala and more.


When you spot a koala, you can also check and see if the koala is sick or injured, and get help if needed from our Redlands 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Service by calling (07) 3833 4031. 


The information you collect is used by researchers and Redland City Council to develop koala conservation actions, reduce the incidence of sick and injured koalas, and improve local koala mapping. Finding sick or injured koalas early and calling for wildlife rescue helps more koalas recover and come back home from hospital, happy and healthy.


How do I join?

To become part of the Redlands Coast Koala Watch community, there are four steps:


Step 1 – Take a look at the grid map below and choose the grid areas you are most likely to look for koalas in. This helps us match up sightings, identify how many people are looking in an area and quantify our data.


Step 2 – Join Redlands Coast Koala Watch by completing the sign-up form below.


Step 3 – Join Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) by creating an account. We use Biocollect to collect koala sighting data, which is hosted by the CSIRO’s Atlas of Living Australia, so you need an ALA account to submit a koala sighting.


Step 4 – After you receive an email confirming your membership, go to the Redlands Coast Koala Watch portal and check out the survey and resources tabs. You can also download the Biocollect app (not iNaturalist) to a mobile device to lodge sightings on the go. We'll give you links in your confirmation email.


We use Biocollect for Koala Watch, as it is a reputable research portal open to all researchers. So not only will we benefit from your sighting, but you'll also be helping researchers from all over Australia, and possibly the world.


Note: Check your junk folder if you haven't received your membership confirmation email within 24 hours. You'll also need to use your ALA account to log into the Redlands Coast Koala Watch site and app. ALA has two app options, make sure you download the Biocollect app, not iNaturalist (this one is only for general public sightings). You can visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Biocollect app.


That's it, you're now ready to head out koala watching.


Koala watching grid

Select the area you would like to go koala watching from the grid below. Selecting an area doesn't mean you are limited to it, it just helps our research teams quantify the data so we can identify areas that have koala watchers, and those that don't.



Join our koala watching community

Fill in the form below to join our community and submit your koala sightings.

Join Redlands Coast Koala Watch

Become a koala watcher so you can submit your koala sightings and help our research teams, as well as your local koalas. It's easy. Once you join, we'll send you a confirmation email with all the links you need to the sighting portal and app. We'll also send you a series of welcome emails over three weeks, giving you resources and koala spotting advice. We'll follow these up with occasional koala watch updates, covering upcoming events, training, and local koala news. Don't worry, if you don't want to get koala watch updates after your confirmation email, you can unsubscribe at any time. Note: All fields marked with an asterisk below are mandatory.


We have a range of information sheets to help you koala watch:


Info sheet 1 – identifying the age and gender of koalas

Info sheet 2 – how to spot a koala

Info sheet 3 – how to spot an sick or injured koala

Info sheet 4 – what type of trees do koalas use

Info sheet 5 – frequently asked questions

Info sheet 6 – urban koalas

Info sheet 7 – keeping dogs happy and koalas safe

Info sheet 8 – how to submit a koala sighting


Our local koalas

If you would like to know more about our local koalas and the conservation programs in place to help them, or other things you can do around your own home and neighbourhood to help, check out our koala conservation page and YouTube playlist.