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Volunteer for wildlife rescue

Redland wildlife rescue

The Redlands Wildlife Rescue is a community volunteer program that responds to calls regarding sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in the Redland Coast. 

It is a 24-hour a day service operating every day of the year, managed by Redland City Council. To report sick and Injured wildlife to the Redlands 24-hour Wildlife Rescue service on phone (07) 3833 4031.

The volunteer program is split into two services:

  • Redlands Wildlife Care Network (8am – 5pm)
  • Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance (5pm – 8am)

Please note volunteers must be over 18 years of age.

Why become a wildlife rescue volunteer?

Some benefits of volunteering with the Redlands Coast Wildlife Rescue Service include:

  • Develop a sense of community by connecting with like-minded people in your local area
  • Learn valuable skills that contribute to wildlife conservation and can improve employment opportunities
  • Gain a sense of satisfaction from sharing your knowledge
  • Find enjoyment in the diversity and challenge of volunteering with wildlife

Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance

The Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance (RAWA) collect sick, injured or orphaned wildlife needing rescue.

There is a core group of 15 volunteers on the service that work in teams while on roster.

RAWA volunteer responsibilities include:

  • holding current open or provisional drivers licence
  • driving the ambulance and rescuing sick, injured and orphaned animals in the local Redland Coast area and adjoining areas of the Koala Coast
  • assisting Redland City Council wildlife officers with community education programs at schools and events

RAWA operates between 5pm and 8am each day of the year.

Upcoming training inductions: 

  • Saturday 25 May, 9am
  • Saturday 24 August, 9am

Learn about Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance and complete your application here

Redlands Wildlife Care Network (phone service)

The Redlands Wildlife Care Network (RWCN) is a phone service staffed by trained volunteers in their own home. RWCN Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • providing advice to the callers about sick, injured or orphaned animals
  • organising a wildlife carer for animals in need
  • providing knowledge and education regarding animal behaviour
  • refering the caller to the organisation that can best assist them

The RWCN operates between 8am and 5pm each day of the year.

Upcoming training inductions: 

  • Thursday, June 13, 9am - 12 noon
  • Wednesday, September 18, 9am -12noon

Learn about Redlands Wildlife Care Network and complete your application here

For more information about becoming a volunteer or registering your interest in attending an induction please call (07) 3824 8611.

Becoming a wildlife carer

If you are interested in becoming a wildlife carer, you will need to get a wildlife rehabilitators permit. The best way to do this is to join a Queensland Wildlife Organisation who will provide you with training, knowledge and a rehabilitation permit required to become a wildlife carer. Please note that  Redland City Council is not a Queensland Wildlife Organisation.

Wildlife organisations in Queensland:

Join the RWCN wildlife carer list

After you have become a member of a wildlife organisation, have a current rehabilitation permit as a carer, and live in, or close to, the Redlands Coast, you can join our network of wildlife carers by contacting a wildlife extension officer on (07) 3824 8611.