Sponsorship provides financial or value-in-kind support to eligible individuals and organisations providing tangible and measurable commercial benefits to Redland City Council and the community. The sponsorship program is designed to support community activities focusing on one or more of our strategic priorities, as outlined in the Redland City Council Corporate Plan 2018 -2023 [PDF, 1.2MB]

Commercial benefits provided under the sponsorship arrangement may include using Council's logo on signage, promotional material or advertising, display space and acknowledgements in speeches and media materials.
Council will only be involved in activities where it would not reasonably be seen to compromise public confidence. It will not support initiatives which compete or conflict with Council initiatives, local laws or permit requirements; political parties or political lobby groups or where the financial support would be used for sponsorship or grants to third parties.

When can I apply?

Applications for sponsorship open on 18 February 2019 and closes 18 March 2019. 

Information sessions

Please click the link below to register your interest in attending one of the information sessions.

Sponsorship program overview 

Applications will be assessed through a competitive process in two categories: 

  • Category 1: Applications seeking $15,000 or less will be assessed by an internal assessment panel.
  • Category 2: Applications seeking more than $15,000 will be assessed by an internal assessment panel and recommendations made to Council for approval.

The sponsorship program is highly competitive. Applications will be assessed in detail on the economic benefits to Redland City, alignment to Council's priorities, value for money, track record of applicants, level of support for project and benefits for the local community.

Organisations and individuals must also adhere to local laws and permits. 

Guidelines/information kit

Prior to preparing an application, it is important to read the Sponsorship Program Information Kit [PDF, 0.1MB].

The information kit provides essential information on funding available and eligibility requirements. Council officers are available to meet with you to discuss your ideas for a sponsorship that provides tangible and measurable commercial benefits to Council and the community. We can provide advice on developing your application and feedback on your draft before it is submitted. 

Further assistance

You can meet with a Council officer who can provide advice on developing your application and feedback on a draft application before it is submitted. Bookings are essential.

If you have any sponsorship ideas which may benefit the Redlands community, please contact the grants team on 3829 8999.