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About the Sponsorship Program

Redland City Council’s Sponsorship Program provides financial and value in-kind support to eligible organisations for initiatives that provide tangible and measurable commercial benefits to Council and the community.

Available funding

Category Funding available Assessment 
Minor Sponsorship      $15,000 or under  Assessed by an internal assessment panel.
Major Sponsorship $15,001 to $30,000  Assessed by an internal assessment panel and recommendations made to Council for final decision and approval. 
Quandamooka Cultural Awareness Funding   Up to $1,500  Assessed by an internal assessment panel.

When can I apply?

Round 1 2024-2025 will be open 22 July 2024 and close 18 August 2024.

Applications may take up to 12 weeks to assess. Major sponsorship applicants should apply at least six months before their event date.

How can I apply?

Applications must be completed via Council's online portal SmartyGrants.

Application forms will be available closer to the opening date.

Information Kit

Prior to making an application, it is important to read the Community Grants Information Kit. These provide essential information on funding available, eligibility and application requirements.

Please reference the 2023-2024 Sponsorship Program Information Kit as a guide. Updated kit will be available closer to opening date.  

Projects should align with Council's Corporate objectives outlined in Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond.

Sponsorship benefits will apply to successful applicants in accordance with the level of sponsorship approved. Requirements will be outlined in the Funding Agreement and the Sponsorship Benefits Table. 

Commercial benefits provided under the sponsorship arrangement may include using Council's logo on signage, promotional material or advertising, display space and acknowledgements in speeches and media materials.

Event organiser support

Visit Council's Events Portal for everything you need to plan your event including;

  • Council Venues and booking
  • Event approvals and permit requirements
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Event suppliers

For help with running successful events, including templates, please visit Queensland Government Events.

Quandamooka Cultural Awareness Funding

Council supports the Quandamooka cultural heritage on Redlands Coast and encourages organisations to include cultural activities in their events.

Funding of up to $1,500 per event is available to support Quandamooka cultural awareness events or activities, in addition to cash sponsorship.

Funding is available as part of the Sponsorship program or by request to the Grants Coordinator, until funds are exhausted. A section is available in the Sponsorship application form should you wish to apply for Quandamooka cultural awareness funding. 

It is a requirement to include a quote from a locally based Quandamooka organisation in your application.

Acquittal form

To finalise your project, you must complete an acquittal form for your project within 6 weeks of the completion date via your SmartyGrants account.

Applicants that do not acquit their project are ineligible to apply for funding under Council's various funding programs until such time as they have successfully acquitted all previous funding.

The acquittal form requires you to provide information on the completion of the project activity. This is a report on the project activity, including objectives, outputs and impact, and includes a financial statement. Ensure receipts are provided as evidence of the grant expenditure.

Related information

Applicants must be not-for-profit incorporated organisations to be eligible to apply, or be sponsored by an eligible organisation. Further details are explained on our auspice fact sheet. An auspice agreement must be provided with your application as evidence of the partnership. Please download the Auspice Agreement Template

Applicants will need to complete a Statement by Supplier form if they do not hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN). This form must be submitted with the application.

It is recommended that applicants complete a Project Plan to support their application. Use this Project Plan template which can be submitted with the application.

For more information on setting up your invoices, please visit the Australian Taxation Office.

Other Grants provided by Redland City Council

Further assistance

The Community Grants Coordinator is available to phone you to discuss your ideas for sponsorship that has benefits for the community, provide advice on developing your application and feedback on your draft before it is submitted. Bookings are essential.

If you have any sponsorship ideas which may benefit the Redlands community, please contact the Grants team on (07) 3829 8999.