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Salary and conditions of employment

If you are successful in joining our team, your salary and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the relevant Modern Award and the relevant Redland City Council Certified Agreements:

Employment Information Statement

You will receive an information statement which provides important information about your employment entitlements and other matters that will affect your employment. This is in accordance with obligations under the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (Qld).

Code of Conduct

As a Redland City Council employee, you are a public official and are expected to act to a high standard of conduct which is outlined under our Code of Conduct. This includes acting with honesty, integrity and diligence and to exercise a high degree of care when carrying out your duties. We also expect you to live and breathe our values.

Further information

For further information regarding employment conditions please contact our Talent Engagement Team on (07) 3829 8108 or email

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