Redland City Council handed down its 2017-2018 Budget [PDF, 5.0MB] on 26 June 2017.

A priority budget

Redland City Council’s Budget 2017-2018 has been framed around six strategic priorities and designed to keep residential rate increases to a minimum while investing heavily in the City.

2017-2018 Budget at a glance

  • A $300 million Budget
  • Modest rate increase of about $1.43 a week for a typical Redland household (category 1a with a property value of about $305,257), including all Council controlled water consumption, rates and utility charges
  • The general rate for commercial and shopping centre rating categories increases to support economic development.
  • Pensioner rebate maintained at $335 per year for a full pensioner or $167.50 for a part-pensioner.
  • A headline rate (Council total revenue) increase of 5.68 per cent, of which 1.72 per cent is attributable to the City’s growth.
  • No increase in Council’s retail water costs to help offset the State Government bulk water cost increase of 8.47 per cent.
  • A capital program of $82 million
  • Environment levy increases $20 to $109.08 to help fund Council’s “One million native plants’’ project.
  • 12-month canal and lake special charges while a community conversation about longer term funding begins later in 2017.
  • A predicted operating deficit of $11.1 million.
  • Predicted new borrowings of less than one per cent of revenue

Key spending areas

  • $23.64 million for roads projects, including the Green Seal Program, Regional Road Alliance Program and resurfacing and rehabilitation programs.
  • $10.77 million for infrastructure, including the Indigiscapes Visitor Centre expansion, Cleveland Aquatic Precinct redevelopment, the Bayview Conservation Area at Redland Bay and bus shelter and seat renewals.
  • $14.39 million for open space and conservation projects, including South East Thornlands Park, the Public Amenities Expansion Program, William Ross Park and Henry Ziegenfusz Sportsfield improvements.
  • $14.47 million for marine and foreshore projects, including Macleay Island ramp carpark, seawall and asbestos capping, canal revetment wall upgrades and the Raby Bay Esplanade canoe launching pontoon.
  • $1.88 million for community and cultural development, including libraries, Redland Performing Arts Centre and Redland Art Gallery public art and acquisitions.
  • $1.04 million for new water services, including meter replacement and new water services.
  • $7.39 million for waste and wastewater projects.
  • $8.47 million for land actions and asset replacement programs. 

The six strategic priorities around which the budget was framed:

  • Transport and connectivity
  • Sport, education and the arts
  • Economic development
  • Planning
  • Branding identity
  • Smart cities and digital connectivity

Budget 2017-2018 documents

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