Corporate Plan 2018 - 2023

The Corporate Plan 2018-2023 [PDF, 1.1MB] sets the five-year strategic direction for Redland City Council and identifies the strategic priorities and commitments to our community. The plan articulates the commitments and outcomes the Council intends to achieve and guides how Council will direct our activities and resources to deliver on these eight outcomes leading up to 2023.

Council’s direction and future planning is managed through an integrated approach considering financial strategies, asset management, the City Plan, long-term strategies, and working together with the community.

The plan reflects the eight vision outcome areas detailed in the Redlands 2030 Community Plan [PDF, 5.0MB] which are considered vital for the future of the Redlands.

  1. Healthy natural environment
  2. Green living
  3. Embracing the bay
  4. Quandamooka Country
  5. Wise planning and design
  6. Supportive and vibrant economy
  7. Strong and connected communities
  8. Inclusive and ethical governance

The Corporate Plan informs our annual operational planning and budget and provides us with a roadmap against which we can measure our performance (in our Annual Report).


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