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Make a complaint to Council

Contact us to make a complaint about pollution, noise and other nuisances in your neighbourhood.

  • Redland City Council’s Service Centres:
    • Council Administration Building – Bloomfield Street, Cleveland
    • Capalaba Place – Noeleen Street, Capalaba
    • Victoria Point - Inside Library Building at Victoria Point Lakeside, entrance via High Street

More ways to contact us

Complaints that we can handle

Redland City Council can handle nuisance complaints that are covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1994. For further details, visit Queensland Government’s environment and pollution laws

A formal complaint must be received before Redland City Council can investigate allegations of environmental nuisance. To lodge a complaint you must be willing to identify yourself and provide details of the nuisance. Trivial complaints will not be investigated.

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 contains provisions relating to certain types of environmental nuisance offences.

Complaints that cannot be handled by Council

Redland City Council cannot handle complaints for anything that is exempt from legislation or are handled by other organisations.

Nuisances handled by other authorities

Examples of these activities and the relevant administering authority include:

For further details, visit Queensland Government’s reporting pollution page

Nuisances exempt from legislation

Noise and other emissions exempt from Queensland Government’s environment and pollution laws include:

  • Audible traffic signals at traffic lights
  • Certain cooking odours - e.g. from residential dwellings
  • Animal noise (other than domestic animals)
  • Regulated devices on state controlled roads and railways
  • Certain emissions associated with activities organized by or for educational facilities
  • Certain noise emissions carried out in accordance with a relevant code of practice
  • Noise authorised under an Environmental Protection Policy, Environmental Management Program, Environmental Protection Order or an emergency direction
  • Emissions caused by environmentally relevant activities carried out under a development approval or environmental authority.