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Water consumption billing

Council contracts out its water meter reading service with the aim to have the water meters read every 92 days plus or minus 2 days.

As is the case with all utility businesses, it is not always possible to do this. The number of days between meter readings can vary depending on weather or access to the property water meter. 

Each extra day in your meter reading period could add more than $2 per day to your water bill. This is based on an average household usage of 567 litres per day.

The number of days for your water consumption billing is shown on the water advice with your rate notice.

Your water consumption

To check how much water you are using you can read your water meter. Water meters are usually located near the street-front boundary of your property.

To help calculate your next bill, our Water Consumption Estimator provides an estimate on the total amount of water used and the total cost of the water consumption. 

Council has a dedicated water meter inspection officer to investigate any issues with water meter reads. If you need to report an issue with the water meter or the meter reading please contact us.

Council may contact you if the meter reading consumption is higher than expected, which may assist you to check the water meter and look at reasons for increased water usage

Sometimes circumstances make it difficult to pay by the due date shown on your rate notice. We may be able to assist with a payment arrangement.

Bulk water charges

The State Government has increased its bulk water price by 2.12 per cent for the next financial year, which will push the city’s annual bulk water bill up another $84,000 to $46 million. Council has kept its retail water consumption increase to just 6.6 per cent for the 2023/24 financial year.