Water meter readings | Redland City Council

Water meter readings

Redland City Council reads water meters quarterly. Reading water meters occurs over a 10-week read cycle.

Water meter reading

We bill water quarterly in the months of July, October, January and April as part of your rate notice.

If the current water meter reading is less than the reading in your letter or account your water meter may have been misread. Please record the current reading and contact Redland City Council on (07) 3829 8999.

There are two types of water meters:

1. Eight numbers in a row

  • This water meter has five black numbers and three white numbers (on red background).
  • Compare the first five black and white numbers with the reading on your letter or account.

Water meter reading

2. Numbers and circular dials

  • The black numbers at the top are kilolitres, the four circular dials at the bottom are litres.
  • The small circular dial in the centre is a leak detector – the leak detector spins as any water is being used.

Leak detector