Increased water usage

Has your water usage increased?

There are a number of reasons why your household may be using more water than usual:

  • Increased consumption caused by filling a pool, extensive hosing or visitors.
  • A leak (this may be underground and not visible) - see concealed leaks below.
  • Other plumbing issues (a running toilet or washing machine).
  • Faulty top-up system (water tank or pool).
  • Misread water meter.

To check your water usage:

  • Read your water meter.
  • Check all taps and appliances for leaks.
  • Conduct an overnight check to identify any unaccounted for water usage.
  • Continue to monitor your water usage by recording regular meter readings.

It is important to have any leaks or plumbing issues fixed quickly by a licensed plumber. This will save water and money.

Concealed leaks

If the leak is not visible it may be concealed. You may be eligible for a remission on the water consumption charge for your residential property once it has been repaired by a licensed plumber. Council can only provide a remission on part of the distribution and retail portion of your water loss. No remission is available on the State Government Bulk Water portion of your water charges.

Concealed water leak application form [PDF 0.1MB]

Council considers a concealed leak to be a burst pipe either underground, under or within concrete or underneath a building - where the occupant could not reasonably expect to know of its existence.

All pipes on the property side of the meter are the owner’s responsibility. We therefore advise you to have a licensed plumber carry out an investigation and repair any leaks on the property.