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Food businesses

Food Businesses

There are a number of application forms relevant to starting and operating a food business. Fees are also applicable to various approvals.

Council will make a decision regarding your application within 30 days and notify you once a decision has been made. We will contact you if we need additional information to process the application.

Information About Starting a Food Business

Find specific information on Toolbox about starting a:

New Food Business

On completion of construction/fit-out, a final inspection by an Environmental Health Officer is required before any operation of the food business commences. When the final inspection is booked, you will be required to submit the Food Business Licence form and the licence fee. Please do not submit the Food Business Licence form prior to booking your inspection.

Food Business Licence Transfer, Amendment, Surrender

  • Food Business Licence Form – (When transferring the licence two separate forms must be completed, one by the current owner to surrender their licence and one by the new owner to transfer the licence into their name/company)
  • Health Search Form

Food Safety Supervisor

All food businesses must have at least one nominated Food Safety Supervisor. Find food safety information on Toolbox, including how to get food safety training.



All food businesses have obligations to produce safe food and Council is assisting food businesses to meet these obligations by providing free access to the I’M ALERT online food safety training tool.

The training is easy to follow and includes an entertaining presentation as well as interactive quizzes. The program can be accessed online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A training acknowledgement form can be obtained upon completion and kept as part of your staff records. Please note that this training does not meet the requirements for a Food Safety Supervisor however provides a general overview of food safety for food handling staff.