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Licence renewals, inspections and complaints

Licence renewal 

Your licence is renewed annually and attracts an annual fee. 

If you want to make a minor change to your licence, for example, a change of contact details or you require a copy of your licence, contact Council. You are not required to submit an application for this. If you are renovating or making changes to the fit-out you will need to submit an application. 

Inspections and enforcement


Legislation requires Council to monitor the standard of operations in food businesses. This is achieved through a routine inspection program. The frequency of these inspections will depend on the type of food business and its level of compliance.

What to expect during an inspection

An Environmental Health Officer will carry out a visual inspection of the premises and observe the staff hygiene and food handling practices. They may request to see records, ask questions of staff to check food safety knowledge or ask staff to demonstrate food handling and hygiene procedures.  

A report will be emailed to the licence holder after the inspection.

The following self-assessment checklist and training will help you to prepare for an inspection:

We encourage food businesses to ask or clarify any food safety related questions during inspections. 


Under the Food Act 2006 if you are operating a food business you must comply with the Food Safety Standards and any conditions on your licence.

Failure to comply with the Food Safety Standards or any of your licence conditions, may result in one or more of these enforcement actions:

  • a report being issued requiring action or work to be conducted
  • a legal notice being issued requiring action to be taken or work to be conducted (Improvement Notice)
  • issuing of a Prescribed Infringement Notice (PIN or on-the-spot fine)
  • suspension of a licence
  • cancellation of a licence
  • prosecution


Information for businesses

Council has a duty to investigate and respond to complaints received.

A complaint may result in an inspection of your premises to ensure you are complying with the legislation.

If a person contacts you to make a complaint about your business, it is a good idea to have complaint management procedures in place for staff to follow.