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Food safety supervisors

Food safety supervisor requirements

A licensable food business must have at least one nominated Food Safety Supervisor who has the skills and knowledge to supervise matters relating to food safety in their business. Their role is to make sure the business is handling food safely.

Food safety supervisor responsibilities

A Food Safety Supervisor must:

  • know how to recognise, stop and reduce food safety hazards of the business
  • be trained with the skills and knowledge of food safety matters relevant to the business
  • have the authority to supervise and give directions about food safety matters to other staff
  • be reasonably available to be contacted while the food business is operating by any food handler at the food business and Council

Food safety supervisor training

A Food Safety Supervisor requires training based on the food sector that they are working in. 

Under the Food Standards Code, Standard 3.2.2A, Food Safety Management Tools, food safety supervisors for category one and category two food businesses must obtain a food safety supervisor certification at least every five years.  A food safety supervisor certificate must be obtained from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

To find an RTO:

  • know the training specific for your sector: food sector
  • visit 
  • enter the recommended competency code in the search field
  • in the search results, select ‘Find RTOs approved to deliver this unit of competency’.

Food businesses are encouraged to confirm that the chosen training provider is a current RTO and will provide a statement of attainment upon successful completion of the relevant competencies.

It is recommended that food safety supervisors for all other licensed food businesses obtain the same certification to demonstrate that they have the required level of skills and knowledge to be a food safety supervisor.

The food safety supervisor should be able to provide their certificate to an authorised officer, if requested.

The Licensee must also advise Council within 14 days after a person ceases being a Food Safety Supervisor at their food business or if the contact details of a Food Safety Supervisor change.

How to nominate

If you are submitting a Food Business Application, you can nominate your Food Safety Supervisor/s at the same time. If you did not nominate at the time of submitting your Food Business Application you have 30 days from the date of the food business licence.

If you would like to update the details of your Food Safety Supervisor at any time or nominate additional people, you can do so by using the same application form.

Food safety supervisor qualifications will need to be provided with the application form. 

No fees apply for nominating or changing a Food Safety Supervisor.

Training for food handlers

All food businesses have obligations to produce safe food and Council is assisting food businesses to meet these obligations by providing free access to the I'M ALERT online food safety training tool relevant for food handlers.

The training is easy to follow and includes a presentation and nteractive quizzes. The program can be accessed online. A training acknowledgement form can be obtained upon completion and kept as part of your staff records.