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Seniors month 2022

Redlands Coast Seniors Month Grants Program

Seniors Month is an annual statewide celebration in October that recognises and celebrates our older residents and the vital contributions they make to our community. 

The Redlands Coast Seniors Month Grants Program provides funding to support local community organisations to facilitate free community-based events and activities during Seniors Month.

This grants program aims to enable community participation, enhance community connections, and celebrate and acknowledge our older residents and their contributions to the community.

Seniors Month Grant categories

New grant categories have been introduced in 2022, these are:

  • Category A Local Events – funding up to $2,000. Multiple applications will be funded under Category A.
  • Category B Local Event – funding up to $5,000 where high numbers of participants are expected to benefit. One application will be funded under Category B.

The total pool of funds in 2022 is $14,000.

When can I apply?

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for funds from Wednesday 11 May until midnight Wednesday 8 June 2022.

How can I apply?

Read the grant guidelines and submit your application via Council’s online SmartyGrants portal.


Prior to making an application, it is important to read the grant guidelines. These provide essential information on funding available, eligibility and application requirements.

Activities and Events

Each week there are many activities available for older adults on Redlands Coast.

The following organisations specifically offer activities and educational opportunities for older people:

Assistance for Older Adults

Older adults may be eligible to access the following services:

Redlands Coast Age-friendly Action Plan

Redland City Council is committed to supporting our residents to age well. The Redlands Coast Age-friendly Action Plan 2021-2026 is a five-year action plan based on the World Health Organisation's Age-friendly cities model. This plan provides a way forward for Council, the community and the Government to work together to ensure that ageing on Redlands Coast is a positive experience, and people of all ages are valued and can live active fulfilling lives. 

Information and Education

Information for older adults, their families and carers can be accessed:


Council offers volunteering opportunities for older people. Please contact the following if you are interested in volunteering:


For more information contact the Community Development team on (07) 3829 8999 or email