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About Community Bushcare

Community Bushcare volunteers play an important role in restoring local conservation areas across Redlands Coast. 

With around 40 active Bushcare Groups, we offer a unique opportunity for passionate volunteers to work together in partnership with Redland City Council to improve local nature reserves.

From planting native species and removing weeds and rubbish to montioring flora, fauna and water quality, our volunteers are making a real difference to the Redlands' natural environment.  Each group brings together like-minded members of the community who help improve bushland areas through planting, weeding, rubbish collection and citizen science activities.

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Why join Bushcare?

Community Bushcare is a great way to connect with nature, meet like-minded people, learn new skills, share knowledge, and make a difference to the local environment. 

Redland City Council provides groups with equipment, materials, training and the support of a dedicated Bushcare Officer.

Bushcare brings the community and Council together to restore conservation areas by:

  •  planting local native species
  •  removing weeds and rubbish
  • maintain tracks and trails
  • monitoring flora, fauna and water quality
  • collecting native seed for propagation.

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Be sure to choose your Bushcare Group from the list below. 

Find a Bushcare group 

Mountain Biker's Trailcare Trackpark

Group meeting: Meeting dates and times vary
Where: Scribbly Gums Conservation Area and various surrounding parks
Description: Constructing and repairing various Redland City Council mountain bike trails in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Wehr Urban Habitat

Group meeting: Last Sunday of the month at 9am
Description: This urban bushland park is known for its beautiful tallowwood trees and fruit trees planted by the Wehr family in years gone by. The Bushcare Group are restoring the site by removing the weeds and revegetating.

Birkdale Bush

Group meeting: Last Sunday of the month at 8am (2pm winter)
Where: Birkdale Bushland Reserve Burbank Road and Palgold Court, Birkdale
Description: Removing unwanted weeds and rubbish from along the creek and paths and replacing with native plants.

Mary Street 

Group meeting: First Sunday of the month at 8am
Where: Mary Street, Birkdale
Description: Rehabilitating the Bushland Refuge for the wildlife and the community.

St James's Park

Group meeting: Last Saturday of the month at 9am
Where: Whitehall Avenue, Birkdale, opposite no. 29
Description: Enhancing an important wildlife corridor along Tingalpa Creek through removing invasive weeds, restoring old revegetation sites and linking wildlife habitat areas through planting.

Capalaba Rotary

Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 6.30am
Where: John Fredrick Park, Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba
Description: With a strong focus on highlighting local history, the group works along the Tingalpa Creek estuary removing weeds and planting natives.

Redlands IndigiScapes

Group meeting:  First Tuesday of the month at 4pm
Where: Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba
Description: Managing a significant gully by removing weeds, rubbish & planting trees.

Pittwin Park

Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Capalaba Regional Park, Pittwin Road North, Capalaba
Description: Enhancing a small pocket of Capalaba Regional Park by planting natives and weeding.

Black Swamp Wetland

Group meeting: Last Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Wellington, Queen and Haggup Streets, Cleveland
Description: Revegetation projects improving the quality of the bushland surrounding the swamp.

Cape Cleveland

Group meeting: Fourth Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Carolena Street, Cape Cleveland
Description: Weed removal and supplementary planting along the foreshore area.

Oyster Point

Group meeting: Second Sunday of the month at 10am
Where: Nandeebie Park at Erobin Street, Cleveland
Description: Revegetating and maintaining a foreshore embankment.


Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Coochiemudlo Foreshore, Coochiemudlo Island
Description: Working on the foreshores of Coochie, managing weeds and revegetating and community educational activities.

Point Lookout 

Group meeting: Nursery days every Thursday of the month at 10am and Bushcare working bees are the second Sunday of the month at 8am
Where: The Point Lookout Nursery is located adjacent to Kennedy Drive, Point Lookout. Working bees are held at different sites each month, contact the group for details.
Description: Managing weeds and revegetating the foreshore area.

Upper Weinam Creek 

Group meeting: Third Sunday of the month at 9am
Where: Grevillea Street, Redland Bay
Description: Improving the Grevillea Street Bushland Reserve through removing problematic weeds and revegetating the creek corridor.

Mountain Biker's Trailcare Bayview

Group meeting: Meeting dates and times vary
Where: Bayview Conservation Area
Description: Constructing and repairing various Redland City Council mountain bike trails in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Group meeting: Every Friday morning at 9am
Where: The Esplanade, Western Beach, Karragarra Island
Description: Restoration of the Western Beach area primarily focusing on the removal of environmental weeds.

Lamb Island

Group meeting: Every 3rd Sunday at 8am
Where: Clarkes Point Clarkes Terrace, Lamb Island
Description: Managing weeds in a small, important foreshore pocket.

Cow Bay 

Group meeting: First Monday of the month at 9am
Where: Beelong Street, Macleay Island
Description: Restoring and protecting the Cow Bay littoral rainforest – one of the rarest habitats in the Redlands.

Karragarra North

Group meeting: Second Thursday at 3pm
Where: The Esplanade, Karragarra Island
Description: Rehabilitating the foreshore reserve to remove weed infestations and improve the natural bushland for the enjoyment of the community.

Mersen Creek 

Group meeting: Second Thursday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Cavendish Road, Russell Island
Description: Working to enhance the Borrows Street lagoon and Mersen Creek Corridor through tackling problematic weeds and revegetation.

Whistling Kite 

Group meeting: Fourth Thursday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Minjerria Road, Russell Island
Description: A group restoring a ferny wetland area on Russell Island while encouraging wildflowers back.

Helen Street

Group meeting: Last Saturday of the month at 10am
Where: Willard Weber Park, Helen Street, Thornside
Description: Revegetating and managing a variety of weeds in a small bushland reserve, renown for its birds and koalas.

Penny Lane 

Group meeting: Third Sunday of the month at 8am
Where: Off Fisher Road, Thorneside. Please call the number above for meeting location. 
Description: Revegetating and managing weeds in a small bushland reserve with endangered vegetation that is an important koala corridor. 

Luke Street

Group meeting: Fourth Saturday of the month at 3pm
Where: Eprapah Creek Corridor, Luke Street, Thornlands
Description: Tackling the small weed problem along the creek and its gullies, and revegetating degraded areas.


Group meeting: Second Saturday of the month at 2pm (8am in summer months)
Where: Thornlands Road Bushland Refuge, meeting on Jerry's Place, Thornlands
Description: Enhancing an important wildlife corridor and wetland through weed management, planting and rubbish removal.

Intrepid Drive

Group meeting: Second Saturday of the month at 9am
Where: Intrepid Drive, Victoria Point
Description: Revegetating and managing weeds along a strip of bushland that is well-used by wildlife.

Egret Colony Wetland

Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 1.30pm
Where: Egret Colony Wetland, Egret Drive, Victoria Point
Description: Managing heavy weed infestations and increasing the buffer of native plants around this wetland that is home to a variety of waterbirds.

Sycamore Nature Belt

Group meeting: Meeting dates and times vary
Where: Teak Lane, off Sycamore Parade, Victoria Point
Description: Caring for a small urban bushland area through managing weeds, planting and rubbish removal.

Hilliards Creek

Group meeting: First Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Hilliards Park Drive, Wellington Point
Description: Enhancing the Hilliards Creek wildlife corridor by revegetating to widen the corridor and controlling invasive weeds.   

Station Street Wetlands

Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 8.30am
Where: Station Street, Wellington Point
Description: Caring for a large wetland area adjacent to Hilliards Creek through managing weeds as the area naturally regenerates and doing revegetation work.

Wellington Woods

Group meeting: Third Saturday of the month at 9am
Where: Farnham Street and Warlow Close, Wellington Point
Description: Revegetating and managing the weeds within this small remnant corridor for local wildlife.


Group meeting: Meeting dates and times vary
Where: Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point
Description: Maintaining the Sovereign Waters Foreshore Park area through gardening and weed maintenance.

Bushcare Birders

Group meeting: Second Wednesday of the month (except January)
Where: Meet onsite at various locations in Redland City
Description: Leisurely walks in Council conservation areas identifying and learning about birds.

Check out our 2023 Bushcare Birders Calendar [PDF 1.97MB]. 

Creek Crew

Group meeting: First Wednesday of the month at 9.30am
Where: Various locatopns on Redlands Coast
Description: Water quality monitoring, fish trapping and macro-invertebrate survey activities.

Seed Collection

Group meeting: Last Tuesday of the month at 9.30am (except December and January)
Where: Various locations
Description: A leisurely walk through various bushland reserves to collect seed used to propagate native plants in the IndigiScapes Nursery.

Check out our 2023 Bushcare Seed Collection Calendar [PDF 3.63MB]. 

Weed Weavers 

Group Meeting: First Sunday of each month at 10am
Where: Roaming group – details sent via email one week prior to each meeting
Description: The group alternates activities each month. One month the group collects exotic vines, the next month they create weaving projects with the vines that are collected.

Koala Planting Group

Group meeting: First Sunday of most months, 8.30am (April – November)

Description: Revegetating priority areas to enhance koala habitat and create wildlife corridors. 

If you are experiencing issues with completing an application or need more information, please email or phone (07) 3824 8611.