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Mask wearing requirements will remain until 4pm on 24 September in South East Queensland, including Redland City.

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Each year, Redland City Council produces an Annual Report. This is a legal requirement under the Local Government Act 2009, but we also appreciate the opportunity to provide a report to our community on our performance against our Corporate Plan and Operational Plan

Our latest Annual Report

For the first time, our Annual Report has adopted a ‘theme’ – staying connected – to reflect how Council, and the community, adapted to COVID-19 and  its impacts during 2019–2020. The cover photo shows one way in which Council connected with the community during COVID-19 – our library services’  “It’s Online Storytime”. This intiative proved popular, providing children and their parents with a way to enjoy early literacy programs at home while our Libraries were closed.  

In the spirit of reconciliation and respect throughout this report dual place names incorporating the Quandamooka People’s Jandai language are used. 

Annual Report 2019 2020

Annual Report 2019-2020 [PDF 95MB]

  • Introduction and Highlights (page 5)
    This section introduces Redlands Coast as a destination, and Redland City Council as the area’s local government authority.  It provides information on Redland City Council’s vision, mission and values, our important plans and our key community stakeholders and volunteers. COVID-19 operational impacts and our response also feature in this section. It is also where you will find information on some of our other challenges for the year, significant media coverage, events and community engagement. 
  • Our Council (page 49)
    This section provides information about our City’s electoral divisions and our Mayor and Councillors. This section also introduces our organisational structure and Executive Leadership Team. It contains our department overviews for 2019–2020, key statistics on our employees and our community engagement highlights. It also shares information about Council’s first Reconciliation Action Plan and reports on its delivery.  
  • Vision Outcome Scorecards (page 95)
    This section details our performance against the commitments made  in our Corporate Plan 2018–2023 and Operational Plan 2019–2020. It details the status of significant activities under our eight vision outcomes, including project highlights and some of our key priorities looking forward.
  • Statements of Operations (page 153)
    This section contains performance summaries for Council-owned company Redland Investment Corporation and our business units RedWaste and Redland Water.
  • Governance and Disclosures (page 173)
    This section details statutory annual reporting including right to information and privacy, audit, fraud, grants, tenders, services provided  by other governments, registers and concessions for rates and charges. Councillor disclosures can be found on pages 56–61.
  • Our Financial Performance (page 201)
    This section includes our Community Financial Report, capturing our  key financial highlights and performance indicators as a quick reference.  It is also where you will find our externally certified 2019–2020 consolidated financial statements.
  • References (page 259)
    This section assists readers to quickly find the information they need from this annual report, with page references for specific statutory reporting and different subjects. It also provides a glossary of key terms.

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