Koala conservation campaign

Hi. Looks like you've seen me in and around Redlands Coast.

We know that all Redland Coasters and visitors love us, so here are a few steps you can all follow to help keep us safe!

  • Please slow down when driving and be koala alert — particularly at dawn and dusk, when koalas often travel and can be difficult to see.
  • When driving in ‘koala zones’ and you see the flashing koala signs (such as in Ormiston) – please slow down, as these areas have a much higher concentration of koala activity.
  • Make sure that your back garden is ‘koala safe’, with a rope in the pool and a ramp against the fence so koalas have a safe route from the pool or garden.
  • If you have a dog in the backyard, ensure that it is both trained and secured at night time for koala safety.
  • When you see a koala in your street or suburb, tell your family and neighbours to help spread awareness in your community.

If you see a koala and are concerned about its safety, contact the Redlands Wildlife Rescue Service on 3833 4031.

Further information on koalas