Trees and vegetation protection

Local and state laws are in place to protect trees and vegetation. They ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the quality of life that makes the Redlands Coast special.

Read about regulations on clearing trees on private property

The value of trees and vegetation on Redlands Coast

There are many reasons Redland City Council encourages the community to treasure and nurture local vegetation. These include:

  • Helping to shape the natural beauty and colour that is Redlands Coast
  • Providing and protecting the habitat for plants and animals
  • Providing shade to buildings to reduce energy consumption
  • Historical, cultural, recreational and horticultural value
  • Helping complement, and provide a place and space for, recreational activities
  • Providing green space and protect wildlife corridors
  • Protecting waterways, prevent erosion and help improve air quality
  • Helping diminish traffic noise and provide environmental screens
  • Helping encourage a sense of peace and tranquillity.