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Local Law 6 – Protection of Vegetation

Local Law 6 protects vegetation that has significant amenity, cultural or heritage values in Redland City.

Download the Local Law No. 6 (Protection of Vegetation) [PDF, 0.1MB].

Download the Subordinate Local Law No. 6 (Protection of Vegetation) [PDF, 0.1MB].

These local laws are also available for download from the state government Local Laws database.

What does Local Law 6 do?

Local Law 6:

  • Provides for the protection of vegetation with significant amenity, cultural or heritage values
  • Requires the registration of vegetation protection orders
  • Prohibits and/or limits damage to protected vegetation
  • Provides for Council to issue compliance and/or reinstatement orders when protected vegetation is unlawfully damaged
  • Sets out how a land owner may appeal against a compliance or reinstatement order.

What Local Law 6 does not regulate

Local Law 6 does not regulate the clearing of significant native vegetation in the Redlands. Native vegetation with significant environmental values is protected under the Redland City Plan and is mapped under the environmental significance overlay. Planning approval (a development application) may be required to clear vegetation protected under City Plan.

Native vegetation may also be protected by the state government. Before clearing you should contact the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and the Department of Environment and Science.

Further information

Council can assist if you have any questions about whether the vegetation on your property is protected under Local Law 6 or Redland City Plan. The following information might also help: