Dual living - dual occupancy

Dual occupancy

A dual occupancy is defined in the Redland City Plan as 'Premises containing two dwellings, each for a separate household, and consisting of:

  • a single lot, where neither dwelling is a secondary dwelling; or
  • two lots sharing common property where one dwelling is located on each lot.'

Each dwelling may be tenanted or sold separately and each can have its own title.

Dual occupancies are subject to infrastructure charges whether they are brand new or an addition to existing premises.

Depending on design, dual occupancies may or may not have common property and body corporate interest.

Dual occupancy is supported in only some of the Redland City Plan zones.

Approvals process

A dual occupancy may require planning approval from Council as a Material Change of Use.

The level of assessment and application process depends on the property's zoning and constraints. Some applications may require public notification as part of the application process.

To determine the zoning and overlays of your property, you can visit:

To determine the level of assessment, please refer to the Redland City Plan.

Also see our information on approval for secondary dwellings.