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Queensland Development Code

The Queensland Development Code (QDC), established by the Queensland Government, provides a building standards framework specific to Queensland, which extends the scope of the Building Code of Australia.  The QDC sets out design, setback and siting requirements for Domestic Class 1a (detached dwelling house) and associated Class 10 buildings/structures (garages, carports, sheds, water tanks and pools), as well as dual occupancies - except where the planning scheme identifies an alternative siting or setback provision.

Where there is a difference between the planning scheme and the QDC, the planning scheme overrides the QDC.

If your proposed building work cannot comply with the QDC (or the planning scheme where it overrides), you will need approval from Council as a referral (concurrence) agency. Read more about lodging a concurrence agency referral application.

Download Council's fact sheet on the Design and Siting of a Dwelling House, Dual Occupancy, Domestic Outbuildings and Domestic Additions [PDF, 1.0MB].

Building applications are managed by private building certifierrs.  This means they are the assessment manager for the building application.  The building process was changed in 1998 when Queensland introduced its own private building certification system, offering a choice of service providers.  Redland City Council no longer assesses building applications.  Instead, private building certifiers manage the building approval and inspection process.

You can find further information on the building approval process, including how to contact a certifier, here.