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Greywater is wastewater sourced from the bath, shower, bathroom sink and laundry.

Kitchen sink greywater isn’t suitable, as food particles and oils obstruct irrigation lines and the water can’t be diverted legally to greywater-use facilities in Queensland’s sewered areas.

Using greywater use for garden irrigation saves on household water consumption, and can help you keep your garden and lawn healthy all year round.

Minimising risk from greywater use

Greywater dispersal is limited to garden irrigation via an underground reticulation system to prevent it coming into contact with humans.

The greywater use facility is designed and installed to minimise risks associated with greywater dispersal, ensuring it doesn’t affect adjoining premises.

Compliance certificate required

If greywater is used for garden irrigation in your area, you may need a compliance certificate for a greywater use facility if your premise:

  • is classified as a class 1A building—such as a house, villa or townhouse—by the Building Code of Australia
  • is not part of a community titles scheme under the Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997
  • generates less than 3000 litres of greywater per day
  • is not sourced from toilets and kitchen sinks.

Approvals required

Unless you intend to use a bucket to distribute greywater in the garden, you need an approval application for a greywater use facility.

Before applying to Council, consider the types of greywater diversion devices, greywater treatment plants and greywater application systems available. Also consider the site and location of the premises.

When you apply, submit the following information with your application:

  • a site plan indicating the location of any structures, paved areas, swimming pools and sheds
  • plans indicating the location of the household drainage, potable water lines, Council sewer pipes and stormwater
  • details of the household’s water consumption rates.

Suppliers of greywater use facilities

You can find greywater use facility suppliers that service the Redlands by searching for ‘Irrigation and/or reticulation systems’ in the Yellow Pages or in Google.

Rebates for greywater use

Redland City Council does not currently offer rebates for installation of water conservation and reuse devices, such as greywater diversion devices and facilities, tanks, water efficient shower roses and dual-flush toilet systems.

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