Development assessment fees | Redland City Council

The cost of a development application varies depending on the type of development you are proposing, the level of assessment (for instance, code or impact) and whether you engage any professional consultants to assist you with your development application.

Below you can find information about the types of fees that are most commonly associated with development applications.


Council offers a pre-lodgement meeting service to help you identify and resolve potential issues of a development proposal before you lodge your development application. Read more about Council's pre-lodgement meetings services, including the fees that apply.

Lodgement fees

When lodging a development application, generally you will need to pay an application fee for Council to process and assess your application. The fee amount depends on several factors including the type and scale of development proposed and the level of assessment. Lodgement fees do not include infrastructure charges, which may be levied on a development approval (see infrastructure charges section below). For a complete list of development application fees refer to Council's register of fees. If you need assistance with calculating the relevant application lodgement fee, please contact us.

Infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges are levied on certain development approvals. These charges apply when a development generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks. The charges collected contribute towards the provision of essential trunk infrastructure including sewer, water supply, transport and parks. If infrastructure charges apply to your development, you will receive an infrastructure charges notice.

Details of specific infrastructure charges are provided in Council's adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution, which outlines:

  • the adopted charges for providing the trunk infrastructure networks for development
  • the charges to be levied for development for the demand placed on the trunk infrastructure networks
  • matters relevant to calculating offsets and refunds for trunk infrastructure contributions for the trunk infrastructure networks for development.

Read more about infrastructure charges.

Fee discounts and waivers

In some instances, you may be eligible for a fee discount or waiver subject to certain criteria. Currently, fee discounts and waivers may be available for:

  • bona fide charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • discretionary reduction of application fees.  A discretionary request can be made when an appropriate fee has not already been established, or to reduce the application fee when strictly applying the adopted fee is considered unreasonable or inappropriate given the work required to undertake the assessment of the application.

Further information on fee discounts and waivers can be found in Council's register of fees or Council's Discounts and Waivers of Fees, Charges and Infringements Policy [PDF, 80KB].

Other fees and charges

Council's register of fees outlines various items and services that are chargeable by Redland City Council.

This includes planning assessment costs, plumbing certification and any additional inspections.  You can view or download the register of fees to establish what fees may be payable.

Before you apply for a development approval it is also important to consider whether you want to engage any professional services to assist with your development application. In addition to Council lodgement fees, infrastructure charges and any other relevant Council fees, development costs can also include:

  • planning consultant fees
  • building consultant fees
  • surveyor fees
  • civil engineering fees.

Depending on the scale of your proposed development and the complexity of issues involved, it may be in your best interests to engage a suitably qualified consultant to represent you.