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Concurrence agency referral

Council has jurisdiction as a referral agency for certain development applications for building works. The Planning Regulation provides details of the building matters that require referral to a referral agency and also identifies when Council is the referral agency. The type of building works that may require referral to Council include dwellings and structures such as sheds and carports and the referral triggers can include:

  • Design and siting, such as non-compliance with the Queensland Development Code (QDC) in relation to setbacks and site coverage
  • Amenity and aesthetic impacts of particular building work, such as removal dwellings, shipping containers and railway carriages
  • Building over or near relevant infrastructure such as water, sewer and/or stormwater mains
  • Building work on a Local Heritage Place.

You can find more information on specific building referral triggers in Council's concurrence agency referral application form [PDF, 1.0MB]. Your building certifier should also be able to assist you in determining whether any referrals are required to Council or other agencies.  You can find more information about private building certifiers here. Alternatively you can contact Council's Planning Assessment team on (07) 3829 8999.