Council service closures on Labour Day

Customer service centres, Council offices and libraries will be closed on Labour Day (1 May).

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Canal and lake special charges

Changes to canal and lake special charges

Redland City Council will temporarily suspend the special charges levied on canal and lake-front homeowners and refund unspent collected money quarantined for canal and lake maintenance and repairs since 2011-12. This affects canal-front residents at Raby Bay and Aquatic Paradise, and lakeside properties at Sovereign Waters. 

It is important to note that this decision does not affect services or funding for other areas of the city, as the money being refunded was collected from canal and lake homeowners and quarantined specifically for work on canals and the lake, such as dredging, cleaning and, at Raby Bay, repairs to revetment walls.

The suspension of the levy and refund is a result of a technical drafting error with the special charge. Once it was detected Council moved quickly and proactively to rectify it for affected residents.

We have engaged an external accounting firm to complete a full audit and determine the refund amount for each past and current homeowner. We will also be looking at how we finance works on our canals and Sovereign Waters lake properties in the future. This will include consulting with the community to determine the best way to fund this work.

Council is undertaking this as a proactive step and appreciates property owners’ patience while we undertake this important work.

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