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Redlands Coast Koala Watch

Koala show his mobile phone screen with a picture of a koala and the words Redlands Coast Koala Watch

Redlands Coast Koala Watch is a joint partnership between the community, koala researchers and Redland City Council that allows you to contribute to koala conservation. Our research team is amazing, but they can’t be everywhere. So they are relying on help from the community to keep track of local koalas.

How does it work?

When you spot a koala simply grab your phone and record the sighting in the Redlands Coast Koala Watch hub on Bicollect. You can also check and see if the koala is sick or injured, and get help if needed from our Redlands 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Service by calling (07) 3833 4031. 

How do I join?

Complete the registration form below to join the Redlands Coast Koala Watch community. Once we have received your form, we'll send you an email with step-by-step instructions to get your started.

 If you haven't received an email from us within 24 hours check your junk mail folder. 

Can't wait for the email instructions? Follow the step by step instructions in the video below.

Join Redlands Coast Koala Watch

Welcome to Redlands Coast Koala Watch. Once you have registered using the form below we'll also send you a series of welcome emails over three weeks, giving you resources and koala spotting advice. We'll follow these up with occasional koala watch updates, covering upcoming events, training, and local koala news. Note: All fields marked with an asterisk below are mandatory.


We have a range of information sheets to help you koala watch:

Info sheet 1 – identifying the age and gender of koalas

Info sheet 2 – how to spot a koala

Info sheet 3 – how to spot an sick or injured koala

Info sheet 4 – what type of trees do koalas use

Info sheet 5 – frequently asked questions

Info sheet 6 – urban koalas

Info sheet 7 – keeping dogs happy and koalas safe

Info sheet 8 – how to submit a koala sighting

Our local koalas

If you would like to know more about our local koalas and the conservation programs in place to help them, or other things you can do around your own home and neighbourhood to help, check out our koala conservation page and YouTube playlist.