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Creating a resume-based application

What do I need in my application?


Cover letter

This introductory letter should tell us how your skills, knowledge and relevant work experience have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position you are applying for.


Resume-based application

Firstly, read the position description to understand the role you are applying for.  Although you don't need to formally address each selection criteria, your resume should reflect how you meet each of these criteria.

Please include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details 
  • Qualifications 
  • A concise description of your relevant work experience
  • Relevant skills and examples of how you meet the key accountabilities of the position.


When incorporating examples into your resume, we recommend using the STAR method:

S –  Situation –  the situation you had to deal with / background information

T –  Task –  the task you were given to do

A –  Action –  the action you took

R –  Result – what happened as a result of your action, what you learned from the experience


Where do I find the position description?

You can download the position description from the relevant job advertisement on our Recruitment Portal:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen on the relevant job advertisement.
  • Click on the Position Description link to open a PDF copy of the position description.


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