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Book a park, reserve or beach

You should pre-book a council park, reserve or beach to avoid clashes with other events.

You can view availability, pricing and request a booking through the venues page. This can be found on Council's bookable venues page.

What does a booking provide?

Bookings apply to the individual area in the park. Council will ensure that other events don't conflict with yours but can't guarantee exclusive use an area.

Can I book barbecues, tables and equipment? 

No, but to secure a table or shelter, get there as early as possible on the day of your event.

Do I need to book for parties?

You need to book a park for parties that include 50+ attendees and if you provide entertainment activities that are operated by a business (such as a jumping castle, farm animals or pony rides). The operator must have $20 million public liability insurance cover and must be present at all times during the event. You must provide proof of the insurance cover when booking.

Does council tidy the park before an event?

All council parks are well-maintained, but we can't guarantee park conditions at specific times. You may request extra mowing services, depending on the location and weather, though fees may apply.

Fees and charges

Depending on the nature of your event booking fees and charges may apply.

A fee is charged for all weddings, ceremonies and commercial-based events.

Fees and charges are outlined on each venues web page. 

Event safety and permits

If you're hosting a public event in a Council park or location, make sure you apply for the required permits and submit all plans.

You may require additional Council permits for your event if it involves the following activities:

  • Public Open Space Permit – for event bookings in a park/beach area within the Redlands.
  • Vehicle Access Permit – where vehicle access to an area is required before or during the event.
  • Public Health and General Event Permit – for all major events open to the public in parkland areas.
  • Temporary Food Stall Permit – if you sell food at an event in a parkland area.

If you sell or promote alcohol, you'll also need a General Purpose Permit from the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

Park information

To view additional information on the popular parks in the Redlands please see the Popular Parks page.