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Frequently asked venue booking questions ...


General bookings

  • Bookings are essential for the use of Council halls and sportsfields, or for activities such as ceremonies (weddings, memorials, naming, etc.), public events and private events exceeding 40 people.  Council can then ensure your event does not conflict with other booked events in that space. It is important to note that exclusive use of an open space area (parks and reserves) cannot be guaranteed.
  • General use bookings by members of the public for areas in open spaces such as parks and reserves are not usually required. For example, a birthday party at a BBQ facility, a small picnic / gathering.
  • Events incorporating commercial vendors, including but not limited to, entertainment activities (jumping castles, farm animals, pony rides, etc.) / food vans / coffee vans, must be held in one of Council’s designated bookable space areas and booking is essential. All operators must have $20 million public liability insurance cover and must be present at all times during the event. Proof of the insurance cover is required before the booking can be approved.

All venue information, including availability, can be viewed here by searching for bookable venues that meet your requirements. Bookings can be made in increments of 30 minutes.

Yes, booking times must include any set up and pack down time required for your event. The start and end time of your booking reflects the times you enter and leave the venue.

Depending on the nature and location of your event booking fees and ancillary charges may apply.

Ancillary charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning fees
  • Refundable security fees
  • Key deposits
  • Administration charges

Please refer to Redland City Council’s Register of Fees for itemised fees and charges.

Yes, discounts may apply to venue hire fees. Strict eligibility criteria applies and evidence may be required.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are applicable to venue hire fees ONLY. No further discounts apply to service or ancillary fees such as electricity charges or cleaning fees.

Types Definition Discount to apply
Commercial Organisation (PROFIT) Any hirer that is intending to generate a commercial profit from an activity No discount applicable - Full Standard Rate charged
Private Hire

Private use by community members. Hire must not generate profit and will not be not open to the general public.

Examples Include:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Business meetings, workshops, interviews or seminars
  • Family gatherings
No discount applicable - Full Standard Rate charged
Commercial Organisation with Community Benefit

Hirers that are intending to charge for an activity but there is a measurable community benefit.

Examples Include:

  • Clubs or interest groups which are unincorporated but do not generate a profit (Eg. Chess clubs, community meetings, craft groups)
  • Commercial organisations offering low cost activities to the community
25% off Full Standard Rate
Non-Profit (Not for Profit) Organisation and/or Registered Charities

Organisations that are not operating for the profit or gain of their members

Required Evidence:

  • Certificate of Incorporation, or Registration with Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC).
  • For events where moneys are intended to be raised on behalf of charities, a letter from said charity must be provided as evidence of proposed fundraising activities.
50% off Full Standard Rate
Schools Includes State, Independent and Catholic Schools 50% off Full Standard Rate
Government Entities Any Government Department located within Australia 50% off Full Standard Rate

Once your booking is approved a quote will be emailed to you for payment. Payment options are detailed on the quote and include payment via phone, cheque or cash in person at a Council Customer Service Centre. Payment of all hire fees, including any associated ancillary charges, must be finalised prior to your event.

Council’s Bookable Spaces Terms and Conditions are accessible online. Written acceptance of the terms is required before a booking can be approved, please ensure you read and understand the content prior to confirming your acceptance.

In order for your booking to be approved some supporting documentation may be required. You will be advised of the requirements at the time of booking, depending on the nature of your activity. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $20 million limit of liability – a copy of the current certificate of currency is required from all incorporated and commercial groups hiring a Council venue. It is also required from individual hirers conducting an activity classed as commercial.
  • Written acceptance of the Bookable Spaces Terms and Conditions.
  • Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $20 million limit of liability from all commercial vendors hired as part of an event – a copy of the current certificate of currency is required.
  • Registration with Party Safe QLD and/or evidence of private security arrangements.
  • Documentation in relation to any discounts being applied for or requested.

Public liability Insurance is insurance that provides you protection from claims arising from injuries or damage to other people or property.

The litigious environment that exists in today’s society means that public liability insurance is a must-have for protection against claims of negligence. Just because an incident occurs on Council premises does not mean the hirer is covered by Council’s public liability insurance. In most cases, liability primarily rests with the hirer as they have accepted control over the premises as a condition of use. Therefore, Council has chosen to protect the hirers of its facilities by requesting that the majority of hirers carry public liability insurance.

Cancellations are accepted in writing up to 5 days prior to your event. Cancellations received less than 5 days prior to the commencement of your event may incur an administration fee.

Cancellations received after the scheduled event commencement will not be accepted. In this instance, hirers will incur the full cost of the confirmed booking. For our full Cancellation Policy, please review our Terms and Conditions document.

Noise levels must not cause any disturbance to other users of the venue or neighbouring properties and must comply with legislative requirements. Please refer to the Environmental Protection Act, Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy Environmental Protection Regulation and Subordinate Local Law No 1.2 (Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads) 2015.

Where the intention is to sell or supply liquor to others as part of an event, the Hirer is responsible for obtaining a Liquor Licence through the Office of Liquor and Gaming. A copy of the licence must be provided to Council before the Booking Permit will be approved.

Alcohol consumption is permitted in Council’s halls ONLY where the intention is not to sell or supply liquor to others. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all guests attending the booked event behave in a proper, orderly and lawful manner.

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in all Council parks, reserves and sporting facilities without obtaining a liquor licence through the Office of Liquor and Gaming.


Yes, inspections can be completed with Council’s Hall Caretakers. To book an inspection please contact City Sport and Venues on 07 3829 8999 or email

If you are using a hall for the first time a pre-hire site inspection is a requirement of compliance with Council’s Terms and Conditions. This provides the opportunity to advise you of hall Workplace Health and Safety requirements such as emergency exits, assembly areas, etc. and instructions for the use of facility equipment. It is also useful to ensure the venue meets your event requirements before proceeding with the booking.

Depending on the nature of your event, cleaning charges may apply. This will be determined prior to approving your booking. For further information, please contact City Sport and Venues on 07 3829 8999 or email

All hirers are required to leave the hall tidy and in the same condition it was found, regardless of whether cleaning fees have been charged for the event. If this requirement is not met, hirers may be liable for additional cleaning fees.

Access will be discussed during the pre-hire site inspection with the hall caretaker. It is also outlined in your booking permit email which is provided once the booking has been approved and paid.

Yes, although restrictions do apply. All balloons are strictly prohibited. Tape, pins and blue/white tack are not permitted on any painted surface, unless written approval has been obtained from Council prior to the event.

Storage of a Hirer’s items and/or equipment is not permitted in a Council Facility unless prior written approval has been obtained from Council. Where approval for storage of items and/or equipment is granted, Council takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to such items and/or equipment.

Parks and reserves

Marquees, tents or gazebos of a maximum size of 10m2 may be erected within the Bookable Space, provided anchors/weights sufficient to hold down the weight of the structure, are used for safety and stability. This is to ensure the structure remains in place and is not adversely affected by weather conditions. Use of sandbags or water weights is preferred to prevent damage to the bookable space.

Streamers and decorations may be used however, no such fixtures can be attached to trees and no nails or tacks are to be used on any vegetation or structures. Only biodegradable (i.e. Rose Petals) confetti is to be used.

It is the responsibility of all Hirers to ensure that all items and/or equipment brought into the bookable space is removed on completion of use.

No - to secure a table or shelter, we recommend you get there as early as possible on the day of your event.

Wedding ceremonies are allowed in any bookable park throughout Redlands Coast. However, wedding receptions are restricted to Home Beach Foreshore and Headland Park. Both locations are at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island.

All council parks are well maintained, but we can't guarantee park conditions at specific times. You may request extra mowing services, depending on the location and weather, additional fees may apply.

Vehicles are not permitted inside the perimeter of a park or onto any grassed area without specific prior approval. Vehicle owners can be fined for disregarding this advice.

To request permission, please complete a Vehicle Access Permit Application form and return to Council. Applications must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to your event. For further information please contact Council on 07 3829 8999 or email

Hirers are required to make Council aware at the application stage as to whether they intend to have, use or store fireworks within a Bookable Space. Hirers are encouraged to carefully consider the appropriateness of the event site for a fireworks display, taking into account any potential environmental and social impacts. Some sites and unsuitable for fireworks displays.

Fireworks displays can only be conducted by authorised fireworks contractors.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure compliance with all requirements set by the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy in relation to the operation and licensing of the fireworks display.

Before your booking is approved, proof of compliance and other supporting documentation may be requested by Council.

Council is not currently accepting new bookings for commercial vendors in parks or public open spaces. The process for temporary commercial activities in parks and public open spaces is under review. Please refer to the information outlined on Council’s website – Temporary commercial activity in a park or public open space.

Sporting facilities

Yes you can, however Council has many tenure agreements with sport and recreation organisations across the city. Sport & Recreation organisations have priority use over of these facilities and approval is sought from these organisations prior to allowing casual use. In some cases the club providing access may charge a fee for expenses associated with this casual hire.

Council regularly updates the status of its fields on its website.

Redland Showgrounds (Norm Price Park)

Yes. The location of power outlets, water points and lighting is shown on the Redland Showgrounds Site Map. Please note, charges may apply for use of these services.

Yes, on-street parking is available in the streets surrounding Redland Showgrounds. Parking within the facility is permitted as part of your event however, a Traffic Management Plan or Traffic Guidance Scheme is required and must be approved by Council before your booking permit can be approved.

Toilet facilities are available, please refer to the Redland Showgrounds Site Map for details and locations. Event organisers may be required to supply additional toilet facilities, depending on the event activity and number of people expected to attend.

The storage bays / food booths are located within the Plaza area of Redland Showgrounds and can be used to prepare and serve food and drinks. Each booth has a power supply for hot water urns, microwaves, etc. however, cooking of food is not permitted within the facilities.

If food and refreshments are served or sold it may be necessary for food vendor operators to obtain a Temporary Food Business Licence. Generally food businesses that involve the preparation of food do require a licence. Some exemptions apply to not for profit organisations, the sale of packaged foods and the sale of whole fruit and vegetables. If you are unsure about whether you require a food licence please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team via email to or by telephone on 3829 8999.

Marquees, tents or gazebos of a maximum size of 10m2 may be erected within the Bookable Space, provided anchors/weights sufficient to hold down the weight of the structure, are used for safety and stability. This is to ensure the structure remains in place and is not adversely affected by weather conditions. Use of sandbags or water weights is preferred to prevent damage to the bookable space.

Structures larger than 10m2 require a Development Permit for Building Work (building approval), before they are erected on site. Please contact a Private Building Certifier for further information on application requirements.

There is some permanent fencing at the Redland Showgrounds, however if your event is ticketed and you require security for your event, you may be required to install some temporary fencing.

Circus events are not permitted at Redland Showgrounds, primarily due to the length of time required for the booking and impact on regular users of the facility. Council encourages circus organisers to apply for use of private land within Redland City.

Public events

Redland City Council supports inclusive, vibrant and sustainable community events that showcase Redlands Coast and support stronger community engagement. These may include concerts, festivals, markets and organised one-off sporting events.

For advice on hosting events, please review the Event Portal on Council’s website. Alternatively, you can download Redland City Council’s Event Information Kit.

Event organisers are encouraged to contact Council’s Tourism and Events Team for assistance with the application procedure and advice on producing their event on Redlands Coast.

Phone: 07 3829 8999

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