Weinam Creek PDA Project Update – Public Submissions for Housing Lots

The public submission process for nine house lots fronting Moores Road, Redland Bay, opened on 11 January 2019.

The State Government is taking submissions on the house lots for 20 business days up until 11 February 2019.

In November 2018, a development application to allow works to commence on the nine house lots fronting Moores Road was lodged with the State Government’s Economic Development Queensland by Redland Investment Coorporation, which is a business wholly owned by Redland City Council.  

Submission comments will be considered in the assessment of the application.  

Written submissions can be made to Economic Development Queensland electronically at pdadevelopmentassessment@dsdmip.qld.gov.au or hand delivered to: EDQ Development Assessment, Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning at 1 William Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.

A notice inviting submissions has been placed on the property and will be published in The Courier-Mail and the Redland City Bulletin.

Details of the application can be viewed online at: http://www.dsdmip.qld.gov.au/edq/priority-development-area-development-applications.html

In November 2018, Council and Redland Investment Corporation also commenced investigative works for the design  purposes for the footbridge which will connect the Moores Road site to the Reldand Bay Marina.

The construction of stage one is expected to commence from February 2019, following development application assessment and approval. Stage one includes ground-level car parks and the footbridge and site preparation for future residential dwellings including nine house lots fronting Moores Road and a one-hectare super lot. 


On 3 May 2013, Council resolved to support a Council application to the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) seeking a Priority Development Area (PDA) declaration for Weinam Creek.

In June 2013, Weinam Creek was declared a PDA, providing an opportunity to reinforce Weinam Creek as a point of community focus and a regional Gateway to Moreton Bay, with opportunities for a transport hub and waterfront commercial and recreational precinct.

On 22 November 2013, Council resolved to endorse for public notification the proposed Development Scheme for the Weinam Creek PDA. The public notification and submission period for the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme was undertaken from 10 January to 24 February 2014.

On 29 May 2014, the Weinam Creek PDA Development Scheme was approved by the State Government. The Council and EDQ also invited proponents to call for Expressions of Interest for the development of Weinam Creek.

In December 2015, Walker Group Holdings presented three high-level design concepts to Councillors to gain their feedback on options for the ferry terminal and potential new marina. 

On 1 August 2016, Walker Group Holdings submitted its Request for Proposal documents to Council and the State Government for assessment.

On 18 May 2018, Council announced that a decision had been made in conjunction with Walker Group not to proceed with Walker Group's Weinam Creek PDA project proposal.

In June 2018, Council confirmed its commitment to the rejuvenation of the Weinam Creek PDA, announcing plans to develop the site to provide the community infrastructure that the area requires. Council's proposed master plan [PDF, 4MB] which will be delivered in stages, will transform the waterfront of Redland Bay, improve the usability of the transport hub, attract visitors, create jobs and drive economic development in the area.

The master plan will include:

  • More open space
  • New pedestrian and cycle ways
  • Rejuvenation of existing parkland
  • More car parks
  • Improved drop off and storage facilities for island residents and visitors
  • A new boat ramp to separate emergency and public access
  • A mix of residential and retail spaces including cafes, restaurants and potential for a medical precinct.

On 20 August 2018, Council announced that stage one works for Council's Weinam Creek redevelopment project, which will ultimately transform the waterfront of Redland Bay, will commence in late 2018.

Stage one will provide valuable infrastructure for the community, including ground-level car parks and a footbridge connecting the Moores Road site to the Redland Bay Marina. The footbridge will provide more direct access to the marina, accommodating foot traffic and bicycles as well as mobility scooters.

Stage one will also include site preparation for future residential dwellings including nine house lots fronting Moores Road and a one-hectare lot with potential for medium-density development. Lighting and other security measures will be incorporated as part of the design process.

Council-owned subsidiary Redland Investment Corporation will work with Council to develop stage one of the PDA project.

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