Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

On 21 June 2013, Toondah Harbour was declared a Priority Development Area (PDA) under the Economic Development Act 2012 (Qld).  This was in response to a joint Queensland State Government and Council commitment to reinforce Toondah Harbour as the regional gateway to Moreton Bay and the islands.  On 29 May 2014, the Toondah Harbour PDA Development Scheme was adopted by the State Government.

In late 2014, following a rigorous expression of interest process, Walker Group was selected by the Queensland State Government and Council as the preferred development partner for the PDA project. 

On 25 November 2015, a proposed master plan for the $1.4 billion redevelopment of Toondah Harbour was first released by Walker Group, who referred the project to the Federal Government under the Environment and Biodiversity Protection Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) as a controlled action.

On 9 February 2016, Council, Walker Group and Economic Development Queensland entered into a binding Development Agreement and Infrastructure Agreement.

On 11 May 2017, Walker Group withdrew the original referral and lodged a new referral under the EPBC Act. The Federal Environment Minister decided the project was a controlled action requiring further assessment.  

In early June 2018, Walker Group Holdings lodged a new referral, including an updated master plan for Toondah Harbour, with the Federal Government. This plan incorporated a number of initiatives and changes as a result of feedback from the Federal Government, community submissions and leading environmental and wetland experts to enhance the plan from an ecological perspective.

Situation update as at 23 July 2018

On 23 July 2018, the Federal Government made the decision that the proposed Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA) development is a ‘controlled action’, allowing the project to proceed to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) stage.

This decision follows the unveiling of Walker Group’s updated proposed master plan for the project incorporating a number of new initiatives and considering feedback from leading environmental and wetland experts, public submissions and the Australian Government. Walker Group lodged a new referral to incorporate the new initiatives to the Federal Government for consideration in early June.

The EIS phase will address all potential social, economic and environmental impacts of the proposed development during its construction and operational phases. Environmental, construction and traffic impact management plans will be developed as part of this process.

Walker Group is now awaiting the Government’s guidelines for the EIS.

To view the amended master plan and facts and figures about the proposal, visit the Toondah Harbour website

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