Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

Toondah Harbour is the main departure and arrival point for ferry and water taxi services between the mainland and North Stradbroke Island. It is also used to launch recreational and commercial craft, and comprises residential and open space lands.

Toondah Harbour was declared a Priority Development Area (PDA) in June 2013. 

The proposed master plan for the $1.4 billion redevelopment of Toondah Harbour was released on 25 November 2015 by preferred developer Walker Group Holdings.

Redevelopment of Toondah Harbour

The redevelopment of Toondah Harbour will provide:

  • a new ferry precinct with barge and passenger ferry terminals, ticket and tourist office, bus interchange, ferry plaza and no net loss of public car parking spaces
  • housing diversity: approximately 3600 dwellings from detached houses to multi-unit apartments, with no buildings higher than 10 storeys
  • greater public open space and access to the waterfront, including a new public foreshore parkland and enhancement of GJ Walter Park
  • convenience and boutique retail
  • more than 1000 construction jobs per year and 500 jobs per year on completion of the project.

Development opportunities at Toondah Harbour would be complementary to the Cleveland CBD and its revitalisation.

Current situation as at 9 June 2017

The Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg has given the greenlight to progress the environment referral application for the Toondah Harbour project in Cleveland, on June 9. 

Walker Group will now be able to take the application to the next stage of the process, which is to have the science tested through an environmental impact assessment.

The project will require innovative design, engineering, sustainability and environmental responses to deliver a world class gateway that will better connect residents and visitors to the diverse coastal experiences and natural attractions of Moreton Bay and North Stradbroke Island.

The project will now be assessed under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) for a decision.

More information about key dates for the consultation during the environmental impact assessment phase will be made available to the community.

Toondah Harbour PDA EIS Steps

NB: The following phases may vary pending final confirmation of the EIS assessment. 

Environmental Referral

Commonwealth Minister for the Environment decides the project is a controlled action requiring further assessment under the EPBC Act.

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Coordinated Project Application

Walker Group to apply to the Queensland Coordinator-General for a coordinated project declaration.  A coordinated project declaration is not a project approval.

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Public Comment

If the project is declared a coordinated project, the Coordinator General will invite public comment on the Terms of Reference (ToR) for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) before issuing a final ToR to Walker Group.

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Technical Studies

Walker Group to produce a draft EIS report, which will include the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of the project. This will include extensive community consultation.

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Public Comment

Coordinator-General to invite public comment on the draft EIS report.

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Evaluation of the EIS

Coordinator-General to evaluate the draft EIS and public submissions. If required, further information may be requested, which may necessitate additional public notification.

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Evaluation Report

Coordinator-General to release the EIS evaluation report, which will recommend that the proposal proceed subject to conditions or be refused. The conditions gain legal effect when they are attached to an approval given other under legislation.

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Federal Approval

Commonwealth Minister for the Environment to decide on whether to approve the proposal under the EPBC Act.

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Public Comment

Walker Group to apply to the Local Representative Committee and various State Government agencies for relevent development approvals, environmental authorities and permits. Development applications to be publicly notified.

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Walker Group to commence delivery of the project once all relevant approvals are obtained.

Opportunities to supply goods and services

If you're interested in supplying goods and services to the Toondah Harbour project, register for project updates at the Walker Group Holdings website.

They will work with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to define work packages for goods and services, and update you when these are ready.

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