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Toondah Harbour Infrastructure Agreement

The Redlands will benefit from nearly $116 million worth of community improvements through the $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour project.

Of the $116 million in infrastructure to be delivered to the Redlands community, more than $56 million is through the Infrastructure Agreement and the remainder to be delivered through the Development Agreement. 

The community infrastructure that is delivered through the Infrastructure Agreement, is paid for from the infrastructure charges, which is collected by Council from Walker Group. The charges paid for by Walker Group is in line with the Council Adopted Infrastructure Resolution. 

The remaining community infrastructure will be delivered through the Development Agreement, which will be paid for from the proceeds of the project. 

This agreement, has secured community infrastructure for generations, while retaining the flexibility for alterations to be agreed to, following the Federal Government's review of the project. The infrastructure charges, are in-line with what Council would charge any developer in the Redlands, at that point in time. 

Key infrastructure to be provided include:

  • Complete upgrade of the marine channel and swing basin;
  • New ferry terminal, ticketing and information facilities;
  • A minimum of 1449 car parks, an increase of 71 per cent (does not include residential parking);
  • Bus interchange;
  • Waterfront plaza;
  • Boardwalks;
  • Improvements to GJ Walter park plus new foreshore parks and a water play area;
  • Boat and watercraft launching facilities;
  • Open space and wildlife corridors;
  • Road and cycleway upgrades; and
  • Sewerage, storm water and trunk water upgrades.

The Infrastructure Agreement may be amended following the decision on the environmental approvals and development approval phase of the project. 

Download a copy of the Infrastructure Agreement [PDF, 8MB]

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