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Mask wearing requirements will remain until 4pm on 24 September in South East Queensland, including Redland City.

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Wildlife in Redlands Coast

Wildlife in the Redlands - koala

Redlands Coast has a variety of habitats that support a rich diversity of wildlife. From the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring in the thermals above Mt Cotton to whales and dolphins frolicking in the waters of Moreton Bay. 

Among these are a number of animals that are not only iconic to the Redlands, but also listed as threatened species, with some found not only across the city, but also in our urban areas. 

There are over 170 species of flora and fauna to be discovered across the Redlands and this year we are shining the spotlight on just a few. Find out more about living with:

Learn more about the other species you might find on Redlands Coast

For a full list of animals in Queensland, visit the Department of Environment and Science website for their A to Z of animals.