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Noise pollution can disrupt and interfere with our daily lives. Sources of local noise pollution include air conditioners, power tools, dogs, building work, powerboats and swimming pool pumps .

Resolving noise complaints

Advice on making a complaint and contact details of authorities responsible for noise management are available in our noise complaint resolution factsheet [PDF, 0.2MB]

If you are concerned about noise from a neighbour, try talking to them first. In most cases, the problem can be resolved without anyone else being involved.

Barking dogs

For advice and guidance on noise from dogs, please refer to barking dogs

Regulations and advice

Advice on different types of noise pollution is available in our fact sheets:

Noise from air conditioning equipment [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from amplifier devices [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from building work [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from indoor venues [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from swimming pool and spa pumps [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from refrigeration equipment [PDF, 0.2MB]

Noise from power tools and other regulated devices [PDF, 0.2MB]

Council jurisdiction

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain noise pollution issues, and shares the responsibility of noise control with other government bodies.

For more information about noise pollution, refer to Toolbox.

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