Resolve a public health issue | Redland City Council

Resolve a public health issue

Council's role in public health

Redland City Council is legally responsible for enforcing the Public Health Act 2005. Public health risks impact the health and safety of our community and may include:

  • wastewater and sewage
  • designated pests (e.g. rats and mosquitoes)
  • waste material accumulation (e.g. food scraps)
  • unsanitary community facilities
  • items exposed to infection agents (e.g. clinical waste, needles and sharps)
  • chemical (or by-product) release or dispersal from non-work places (e.g. toxic fumes and asbestos)
  • any other activity, animal or substance that is or is likely to be hazardous to human health, or could contribute to a disease or infectious condition in humans.

If you are concerned about any of these matters, raise the issue directly with the person responsible and give them a reasonable timeframe to resolve it.

If the person does not resolve the issue after that time, contact council or the applicable authority.

For more information on public health risks visit Toolbox.

To report a health issue that council is responsible for investigating, contact us on 07 3829 8999.