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Queensland State Government Water Subsidy

Queensland Government offers concessions on water for eligible pensioners.

Eligible pensioners can receive a maximum subsidy up to $120 each year off the cost of water access and usage charges.

The subsidy is allowed on only one property at a time and cannot be claimed on any additional properties. Eligibility is determined by the State Government.

Full details are available on the Queensland Government website.

Haemodialysis Home Treatment Rebate

Council provides a rebate where an increase in consumption of water results from a resident in the household being reliant on haemodialysis treatment provided in the home. 

Application is made through the treating hospital. The hospital forwards the completed Home dialysis application form and the average kilolitres used per annum in the dialysis treatment to Council for processing. 

In the event the dialysis patient is a member of a household in a tenanted property, evidence will be required to show the tenant is responsible for payment of the water consumption. Evidence may be a copy of a lease agreement, letter from the owner or the owner's agent. 

Rates concessions

Also see information about rates concessions for pensioners.