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Structure plan areas are generally significant areas of undeveloped land, also known as greenfield lands, that require detailed planning to coordinate future development and infrastructure delivery. A structure plan provides a comprehensive planning approach and identifies the key elements of the site and the surrounding locality that can impact on the planning and design for the area. These key elements can include:

  • reconfiguration of the land and lot layout/design
  • road, pedestrian and cyclist networks
  • infrastructure delivery, such as water and wastewater services
  • open space
  • environmental attributes
  • appropriate mix of land uses and density yields
  • integration with the surrounding area and existing uses.

Kinross Road Structure Plan

On the 14 December 2011, Council received a Notice of Decision – Adoption of Structure Plan for the Kinross Road Master Planned Area incorporating a number of conditions.

The Minister subsequently advised that Council may proceed to adopt the proposed structure plan as an amendment to the then Redlands Planning Scheme (subject to the conditions).

On 21 December 2011, Council resolved to adopt the Kinross Road Structure plan to commence 20 February 2012.

Download the revised structure plan and the submission review report:

The Redland City Plan incorporates the Kinross Road Structure Plan within the relevant zone codes.

South-east Thornlands Structure Plan

The South-east Thornlands Structure Plan was adopted by Council on 31 March 2010 and took effect as an amendment to the then Redlands Planning Scheme on 19 April 2010.

This structure plan will guide future development in the South-east Thornlands Major Development Area (MDA). The Structure Plan covers a 146ha area bounded by Pinklands Sporting Reserve, Moreton Bay and Eprapah Creek.

Download the:

The Redland City Plan incorporates the South-east Thornlands Structure Plan within the relevant zone codes.