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Regulated, prohibited and guard dogs

Regulated dogs, including certain restricted breeds, are dogs that have been declared menacing or dangerous by Council in accordance with the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 and are subject to specific legal regulations. 

Redland City Council may regulate your dog dangerous if it:

  • has bitten or attacked a person or animal
  • has acted in a way that caused fear to a person or another animal
  • has been previously regulated by another local government.

(Regulated) Dangerous and Menacing dogs

When a dog is declared as regulated, the keeper of the animal is given conditions that are required to be complied with.  For more information please refer to the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

(Restricted) Prohibited dogs

The following breeds of dogs, including those that substantially meet the description of these breeds, are banned in the Redlands:

  • American Pit-Bull Terrier 
  • American Pit-Bull Terrier types
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Perro de Presa Canario
  • Presa Canario.

Report a Regulated or Prohibited dog

Contact us to report an aggressive dog or issues with a declared menacing or dangerous dog, or if you believe a dog is a prohibited breed.

Guard dogs

A guard dog is a dog released on residential premises or non-residential premises in the area of the local government without a handler for the purpose of:

  • guarding either persons or property if the dog has been trained to attack; or
  • for the primary purpose of acting as a deterrent to intruders.

Minimum standards exist for the keeping of a guard dog.  For more information regarding these minimum standards, please refer to the Redland City Council Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) [PDF 7.8MB].

However, if a guard dog is declared menacing or dangerous, the conditions of a regulated dog order will apply to the keeping of that dog in addition to the conditions of the keeping of a guard dog.

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