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Report an animal problem

If you would like to report an animal-related problem in the Redlands Coast, please select from the drop-down list below to find the appropriate contact details and course of action.

If you or your animal has been attacked by a dog contact us immediately to report the incident.

A Council officer will contact you and/or attend your home to obtain a statement that will detail:

  • date and time and location of the attack
  • description of the dog, such as colour, breed and size
  • details of the dog's owner (if possible).

If the dog bit you or your animal:

  • visit a doctor or vet as soon as possible for appropriate treatment 
  • obtain a written statement from your doctor or vet that the injuries are consistent with a dog bite. This will assist with evidence for court should it be required.

If we can identify the dog and determine where it came from, legal action may be taken against the dog's owner.

Please also refer to our dangerous, menacing and regulated dogs page.

Under local law, owners are responsible for ensuring their animal(s) don't cause a noise nuisance. 

Please refer to our barking dogs page for information about what to do about a barking dog in your neighbourhood.

All animal owners have a duty to provide proper fencing and enclosures to prevent their pets from wandering. A roaming pet is in danger of becoming lost, injured or killed and can be annoying to neighbours.

Contact us to report wandering animals or straying livestock.

The animal management team at Redland City animal shelter work hard to reunite lost animals with their owners.

Lost animals

If you’ve lost your pet, contact the animal shelter as soon as possible to record your animal on our lost and found register, and to check if your pet is already on this register (reported as found). 

To search for your pet you can: 

  • conduct an online search of lost and found animals at the animal shelter. If your animal is on the list, claim it as soon as possible
  • check with the animal shelter daily
  • contact RSPCA and local vets.

Found animals

If you find a lost animal, please contain the animal somewhere safe. Find out what to do next from the list below:

  • It's healthy: Report the animal to the animal shelter. We can assist by housing the animal and contacting the owner if it's registered with Council.
  • It's sick or injured: Call RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or take the animal to a vet for treatment.
  • It's deceased: Read information below on how to manage this situation.

Council officers will remove dead animals from Council property and roads, but not from private property.

Contact us to report a dead animal.

If you encounter injured wildlife, contact Redlands Wildlife Rescue on (07) 3833 4031 or call your local veterinarian.

Council doesn't provide a service for the seizure or control of bees.

The Bayside Beekeepers Association Incorporated collects bees to protect the public and to add them to their own collections.

Contact us to report any other animal-related issues in the Redlands Coast.

Phone: (07) 3829 8663
264 South Street
Thornlands QLD 4164

Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday: 9am – noon
Sunday: 9am – noon

After hours emergencies

After business hours the animal shelter phone number will divert to Council’s after hours emergency number.

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