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Register your pet

Redlands Coast residents are required by law to register their dog or cat with Council at 12 weeks of age. Infringements may be issued after this period for any cat or dog that is unregistered.

If your pet goes astray, the shelter or vet can use your pet's microchip and registration details to contact you and quickly reunite you with your pet. Registration is cheaper if your pet is already desexed.

Select from the drop-down menu below to read about registering your pet, registration fees, changing existing registration details, and more.

Redland City Council only registers dogs and cats that live in the Redlands.

  • New residents must register or transfer their pet’s registration within 14 days of moving to the Redlands Coast.
  • Failure to register your dog or cat could result in an on the spot fine (see 'fines for unregistered pets' below).
  • You can register online, in person and by mail (see 'How to lodge and pay your registration' below).

Lodge your application with the appropriate registration fee and any relevant accompanying documents:

New pets:

  • Online- using myServices
    • Login to your current myServices account or Register for a new myServices account
    • Click on the MyAnimals link to access online services
    • Click on the Register new dog or Register new cat link then complete the animal registration form
    • Pay your registration fee via credit card
  • In-person
  • Email or post

Renew existing registration for pets already registered:

Puppy (Male / Female Dog 3-6 months)

  • Standard registration: $81.80
  • Microchipped: $67.20
  • Pension concession: $40.90
  • Microchipped and Pension concession: $33.60

Adult dog (aged over six months)

  • Standard registration: $183.80
  • Microchipped: $147.60
  • Desexed: $102.90
  • Desexed and microchipped: $67.20
  • Pension concession: $91.90
  • Microchipped and Pension concession: $73.80
  • Desexed and Pension concession: $51.45
  • Desexed, microchipped and Pension concession: $33.60

Kitten (Male / Female cat 3-6 months)

  • Standard registration: $57.40
  • Microchipped: $42.90
  • Pension concession: $28.70
  • Microchipped and Pension concession: $21.45

Cat (aged over six months)

  • Standard registration: $130.80
  • Microchipped: $95.50
  • Desexed: $79.10
  • Desexed and microchipped: $42.90
  • Pension concession: $65.40
  • Microchipped and Pension concession: $47.75
  • Desexed and Pension concession: $39.55
  • Desexed, microchipped and Pension concession: $21.45

You will need to provide the following information where relevant when registering your pet to obtain registration discounts:

  • Pension concession details (conditions apply). For the following pensioner types: 
    • aged pension – registration discount is available to all aged pensioners
    • other pensions – registration discount available to people receiving the maximum pension only 
  • For microchipped pets – include microchip number
  • For desexed pets – include either:
  • For club memberships – include:
    • Club membership details (proof of current membership required)
    • NOTE – 50% discount is not applicable to animals already receiving a discounted registration fee e.g. desexed

Six months free registration is offered for animals adopted through the Redland City Council Animal Shelter 

If your animal is desexed after registration has been paid, the discount will be applied on renewal for the following year.  Pro-rata discount will not be applied.

If you move to the Redlands Coast from another area in Queensland you can transfer your pet's remaining registration.

Lodge an Animal Registration form [PDF 0.4MB] with us via mail or in-person at our Cleveland, Capalaba or Victoria Point Customer Service Centres - details on contact us.

You will also need to provide:

  • the current registration with at least three months' registration left
  • declared dangerous or menacing dog information (if applicable).

You can also transfer unused registration from a deceased animal to a new unregistered animal or an existing registered animal. Download and complete the Transfer Unused Registration form [PDF 0.1MB] and lodge via mail or in person at our Cleveland, Capalaba or Victoria Point Customer Service Centre.


Dog and cat registrations are valid for 12 months and must be renewed each year.

Renew your pet’s registration via one of the following methods:

Changes to the details of your existing animal registration must be made to Council within 7 days.

Changes can be made:

If your registered pet dies, is sold or is removed from Redland Coast during the annual registration period, you can request a refund for part of the annual registration fee.  

The refund will be calculated as a pro rata amount of the remaining months of the registration period.
To request a refund download and complete the Refund of Animal Registration form [PDF 0.1MB] and return:

Council will replace a lost, damaged, illegible, faded or faulty registration tag free of charge if your pet registration is current.

Request a new/replacement tag for registered animals online via your myServices account, in the myAnimals area or contact us.  

If you do not register a pet aged three months or older you can be fined. The penalty for not registering pets is $322.00.

Read more information about paying fines and infringement notices.

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